Wednesday, January 27, 2010

11th CD update

We will have to wait until the weekend for all the FEC reports to posted but Corey O'Brien sent out a press release today saying he has raised over $200,000 so far with $100K cash on hand. Congressman Paul Kanjorski had $800K cash on hand according to his last report and O'Brien's campaign manager claims that Kanjo will report he has over $2 million going into the spring. Lou Barletta's 3Q filing listed $6000 cash on hand with a debt of $263,000. Chris Paige's finances
will be known next week.

O'Brien is the first one on the air with a 30 second spot running on cable with footage taken from his 6 minute bio that is posted on his website.

Kanjo was on CNBC again and his debate with Ron Paul about Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is making the rounds.

Not to be left out Chris Paige has a web ad.

America's Mayor Lou Barletta hasn't posted any new videos since his announcement.


Stephen Albert said...

Great video Gort: Couldn't ask for a better contrast...Kanjorski, slick-talking Washington insider vs. Paul, the consummate Washington rebel.

Ron Paul: "Morally speaking, don't the people have a right to know what the Fed is doing?"

...while I don't consider myself to be a Ron Paul fan, it's hard to argue that point.

Forrest Gump said...

It's funny you post this thread today. This past Sunday, my wife took my daughter to a birthday party for one of our cousins. I, of course, wasn't feeling "well", so I just had to stay home and watch the 2 playoff games. About 4:30 pm the doorbell rang and it was a few representatives from Corey O'Brien's campaign. They gave me the requisite literature and asked for my vote. I asked if they had time for one question, to which the gentleman said "yes".

I asked him how Corey plans to be effective in Congress, giving that if elected he would be a "lowly freshman" without much of a voice?

The gentleman couldn't answer my question, but suggested I read the newsletter. It didn't provide any answers.

I know that Kanjorski got money for his family for the Cornerstone Technologies deal, but he has been in office for 20+ years and has built up a lot of power in Congress. I don't think you can just flush that down the toilet based on one indiscretion. If there are others, please enlighten me, otherwise my vote will remain with Kanjo and the experience he brings to the table.

shivas said...

I changed my voter registration in '08 from Libertarian to Republican to be able to vote for Ron Paul. The video you posted was a tremendous rememberence of the reasoning. Thank you.

Doesn't it seem as though those who voted against an audit of the Fed are hiding something?

As for Forrest: His justification of Kanjorski's embezzlement as an indiscretion, embodies, in particular, the NEPA voter's mindset. "You can buy my vote if you're willing and able to take "free money" and spread it my way. Kanjorskli has sure proven himself capable of that chicanery.

Forrest Gump said...

Hey Shivas, he was investigated by the Fed's and found to have done nothing wrong. The same Fed's that indicted all the crooks in Luzerne and Lackawanna County.

Use your verbage correctly. Embezzlement is a crime. What he did is secure money in the budget for new technology and the company that benefitted was owned by his family members. That is called "pork" and the last time I checked is what "EVERY" member of Congress tries to secure for their constituency. The more senior the member of Congress the more pork he brings home.

Is it right, probably not but it is definitely NOT against the law. If you are put off by that, then don't vote for him.

Unless and until Congress changes the way they do things, I'd rather have a senior member of Congress in my backyard.

Anonymous said...

i say that Barletta annouces a run for PA Senate. that is why he has been silent, Musto gave him a heads up on not running for re election.

shivas said...


1. Check your facts...I think you'll find he was investigated by the Congressional equivalent of the Pa Judicial Conduct Board, whose job it is to cover the ass of it's own. Enough said on that topic.

2. I wouldn't vote for him on a dare.

3. Every time I vote for Congressman it's with the intent to effect changes in the way the Federal Government does things, but with the likes of you and others who think like you I would seem to be swimming upstream.

4. I should have brought this up in my first posting, but don't you think there is something inherently wrong with the system when you're at a disadvantge if you don't reelect the incumbent? It's like we're working our way back to a monarchy and the fuedal system.

Forrest Gump said...

No indictments and no convictions, I don't care who investigated him. It probably was some panel that a few of his relatives are on.

I finally agree with your last paragraph Shivas, but don't look at me to be the brave one to change things. Feel free to be a "maverick" if you wish, I'll stay with what brings home the bacon. Pun intended!

shivas said...

And your mamma told you life is like a box of chocolates!

The problem is...and always will be that the pork systems takes from those who produce and uses it to buy those who elect. The only ones who benefit are those at the very top pay for the reelections and get paid back with the pork and those at the bottom who don't pay any taxes but live off the social program scraps left over from the pork. The rest of us who pay the taxes to fund the top and the bottom.