Saturday, January 16, 2010

Barletta agrees to debate Paige

We interrupt our hiatus from politics to bring you this breaking news.

From Chris Paige for Congress Official Blog:

Meeting Barletta

On Thursday, I met Mayor Barletta for the first time. He's quite charming, and he's a gifted speaker. Most importantly, Mayor Barletta agreed to debate me at the University of Scranton in early February, so I hope and expect he'll keep his word! I'll keep you posted, but don't be surprised if he - or his advisers - back out.

This should be fun if it happens. I'm working to find out the details of the format and venue, etc. If the sponsors of the event will allow it I volunteer to be on the panel.


Anonymous said...

Lets watch Barletta back track on this challenge to debate Paige. Lets take a look back on what Barletta wanted from Kanjorski, i am sure Lou would give Paige the same consideration.

In June 2008, Barletta challenged Rep. Kanjorski to eleven debates, including six summer radio debates and five in-person fall debates.
The radio debates would be 30-45 minutes in length, with two each on The Morning Show with Nancy
and Kevin, The Sue Henry Show, and The Steve Corbett Show. Each debate would focus on a single
issue, which Barleta suggested should be Social Security, the economy, energy, the war and foreign
affairs, illegal immigration, and health care.
The fall debates would be one hour long, with a debate in each of the five counties (Carbon, Columbia,
Lackawanna, Luzerne, and Monroe) of the 11th Congressional District. According to Barletta, WVIA and
WNEP had already expressed interest in televised debates. [Lou Barletta for Congress release, 6/25/08]

Anonymous said...

Just what we need, Lou Barletta in COngress. Gee, he could do for the entire District what he did for hazleton. No thank you.

McGruff said...

Mr. Paige suffers from premature ejaculation and wet dreams. What he did was hand Lou Barletta an envelope that has yet to be opened. He indicated to the Mayor that he was looking for a debate but the Mayor responded that he didn't even know who was in the race yet since petitions are not filed. He never agreed to anything. Neither the Mayor nor Paige are actual candidates if one thinks about it. So why would anyone agree to something when it is an unknown at this point.

The Mayor did indicate that he can tell when Paige is less than genuine. It appears to be everytime he opens his mouth.

As for what Barletta did for Hazleton why don't you blame Democrats Eachus and Kanjorski for taking their personal feud with Barletta out on the citizens of Hazleton City. Eachus had no problem fighting for Bob Powell to get him $500 MILLION for his fantasy airport. Kanjorski likewise was fighting for the airport at the same time. Why aren't they willing to fight for the citizens of Hazleton City??

Anonymous said...

i love that post, when my kids would blame others i would say, be responsible for your own actions. and here we go with blaming others. funny how the Mayor blames others, but it would seem you can only blame others, there is no record but failed financial policies, bad business development, and giving away the store just so one day, and possibly three tries later just to keep his head above water so he can run for office.
if i read the papers properly i see where the state put in 3.5 million and the feds drop a few million to build the intermodal center.
did they or didnt they advocate for this money?

i want Lou to stand up and be responsible, then and only then would i consider giving my vote to him. until then, he is just an ineffective Mayor.

Anonymous said...

lou backtracking already. surprise, surprise, surprise.

McGruff said...

Read it again..Senator Musto, not Eachus got that money for Hazleton...I never said there was no state or federal money...I stated it wasn't thanks to Eachus or Kanjorski.

If Eachus and Kanjorski were so instrumental where were they for the grand opening?

As far as bad business development would that be the Pine Street Project, the Hayden Towers, Hazle Drugs rebuild, Pocono Market Fair, expansion at the Hazleton Shopping Center, Hazleton Creek Properties Mine Reclamation. You say you read the newspaper..did you skip those sections?

If Barletta's policies are so failed how do you explain Doherty being in Act 47 for so many years? How do explain Mayor after Mayor in Pennsylvania talking about the financial crises facing their cities?

Giving away what store?? Back that up with specifics.

Lou backtracking...were you there to hear his response to Paige?

Anonymous said...

Read it again..Senator Musto, not Eachus got that money for Hazleton.

McGruff isn't totally factual on that statement. and this is the problem i have with bloggers that work for and on behalf of a political person. they don't tell the truth.

if you read the Times Leader on 10/21/2000 you would have read this:
The mayor acknowledged Eachus worked to get $3.5 million authorized in the governor's capital budget for the proposed intermodal facility. But to free that money, the city needs matching funds, a plan and a developer - none of which it has.

so eventually the City did get the money, and the work Eachus did in securing the money got put into the project. it wasn't MUSTO< it was Eachus.

and i don't know why they weren't there, could have been they weren't invited,that they had other official business to attend to, OR they let Louie do the photo op and didn't want to get in his way. WHO CARES why, at least they did the job of getting the money.

you talk about the Pine Street project, they used all public money and then SOLD the homes AT A HUGH DISCOUNT, the homes have copper flashing on them, i don't have it on my home, they have shingles that cost hundreds of dollars a square, i don't have them on my home. HAYDEN TOWERS, again state money that Eachus secured to help with that project, POCONO MARKET FAIR, i remember the MAYOR touting that as a world wide destination, at best it is a super market. and then the dredge project, the MAYOR left MILLIONS on the table from the first agreement, and then allowed a developer that recieved over a 20+ million contract for dredge to pay the 3 million dollar sale price of the land over a number of years. we wont talk about the financial contributions given to Barlettas campaign from the owners of that company. and then you have relatives of the Mayor working on the site, relatives of the Mayor making a profit on selling hauling trucks used on the site......

so please don't try and lecture me. all i ask is get the facts straight. and give credit to the elected officials that secured the money for Barletta,

Anonymous said...

Anon 937
i was waiting to see if you were correct or not saying Eachus put the money in the the bus terminal.
McGruff didnt dispute you, so i guess you are correct.

shame McGruff!!!!!!!