Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stepping on Marino's announcement

The State of the Union is going to get most of the attention on the national level so Tom Marino could have picked another day to make his announcement. His challengers for the 10th CD Republican nomination also made major announcements.

Madeira Announces Run for Congress

Dallas, PA, - January 27, 2010 - Entrepreneur and small businessman David Madeira will be officially announcing his bid for Congress on February 9th in a multi-county tour across the district that will include stops in Wayne, Luzerne and Union Counties. Madeira, a retired chiropractor, is running as a conservative Republican for the seat currently held by Chris Carney.

“Congressman Carney likes to wave his “Blue Dog” credentials;” says Madeira, “one year ago he voted for nearly a trillion dollar “stimulus plan” that not only brought no stimulus, but saw unemployment jump to over 10%[1]. Is this who we want representing us?” Madeira explains that understanding the timing of the vote is critical to understanding who Carney is. Before his election in 2008, Carney voted against a similar stimulus bill, trying to shore up Republican voters in his conservative district.
“Believe me”, added Madeira, “if the very unpopular Government Health Care plan Carney voted for was up for a vote in October of this election year instead of last year, Carney would have voted against it instead of for it. The voters are no longer fooled by these Washington games.”With a wealth of experience ranging from running his own chiropractic office and dealing with patients, insurance companies and government regulations, to participating in two startup businesses, Madeira brings real world experience to the 10th Congressional race. His time spent consulting for other conservative candidates and his involvement in community economic development resulted in many approaching him to run and represent the conservative values of the district.
"When Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts to what he called 'the peoples' seat', Carney said it was a 'wake-up call'. I want to make sure he doesn't hit the snooze alarm like he did on the $786 billion failed stimulus bill, and that's why I'm running".

Malcolm Derk gets endorsements

State Senator John Gordner (R-27), State Representative Merle Phillips (R-108), and State Representative Russ Fairchild (R-85) announced today that they have endorsed the candidacy of Snyder County Commissioner Malcolm Derk for Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District.

"The change we need is the return of the peoples' faith in their government," Sen. Gordner remarked, "and Malcolm Derk is the kind of leader who can bring about that change."

Sen. Gordner, Rep. Phillips, and Rep. Fairchild have worked closely with Derk throughout his tenure as Snyder County Commissioner and during his prior service as a member and President of the Freeburg Borough Council.

Regarding his endorsement, Rep. Phillips said, "Malcolm Derk represents the new brand of Republican leadership - fiscal responsibility and small town values."

Rep. Fairchild added, "The Central Susquehanna Valley has a unique opportunity this year to make its mark in our nation's capital by sending one of our own to Washington - Malcolm Derk.”

“I am grateful to have the support of Sen. Gordner, Rep. Phillips, and Rep. Fairchild. These men of integrity represent the very best in public service and I cannot thank them enough. Their endorsement is a vote of confidence in my ability to faithfully represent the people of the 10th Congressional District, something that these men have done in their respective districts over the course of their careers," Derk said.

Derk has a web ad


Anonymous said...

It is painful to watch Malcolm Derk. If you appear this shakey when you can do as many retakes as you want - what will you be like in a televised debate.

If I were a betting man, Maderia will win a close race - he'll run a classic insider, verse outsider race against Marino (who has fallen into it with his "let's get estabishment endorsements" approach). The Mass vote was not as much for Brown as it was against establishment politics.

Anonymous said...

I think Derk is going get better. He is young, untainted by politics and is an outsider. Why not start electing people who are not hacks like Marino and Madeira? Marino has his obvious problems, and does not even deserve serious consideration. As for Madeira? Well, let's start with why do you retire from being a Chiropractor at 41? Bob Jones U? Why can't you socialize your children in public school? Is it healthy to merge religion and politics? People do not want that. Scott Brown's example is that fiscal conservatism coupled with social moderation is where the country is at. Commissioner Derk deserves a shot.

Anonymous said...

I've been following the news lately regarding the 10th district. The only criticisms I read about Derk are that he's not handsome enough, not slick enough, and he doesn't have enough money. Those may indeed be liabilities, but are folks suggesting we should only support rich, silver-tongued, guys with lots of good lucks and political connections? I recently read Derk's biography, and he's done an awful lot for a young guy... without the benefit of coming from a wealthy background. I like him.

Anonymous said...

Here's another criticism about Derk: he's not smart enough.

He has a shitty degree from a no-name college: he has never even lived outside of Snyder County. I've lived in NEPA for 18 of my 31 years and never even driven through Snyder County. You think Derk has the guts or gravitas to stand up to Republican leadership? Hah!

Marino will run away with the Republican nomination, Madiera will finish second, and Derk may win Snyder County.

James May said...

What is the picture behind him?

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see Malcolm is doing his own postings to support his campaign for the 10th. But he'd be better served by getting out and seeing voters. Has he been to the eastern part of the district yet?

If he were smart, he'd leave this race and run for Fairchilds seat.

Anonymous said...

I doubt he's doing his own postings, seeing is how I am not him. Susquehanna University is hardly a no-name University. It's a very good, private college. It's every bit as good as Marino's Lycoming College undergrad, if not better. And it certainly does not scream right-wing like Doc. Madeira's Bob Jones University. Please, debate on substance not cheap attacks. Why wouldn't you want someone young and honest who has some decent political experience representing you in Washington? Yeah, you're right, how dumb is that?!

Anonymous said...

Madeira went to Bob Jones University? Are you kidding me? What a clown! You can't seriously be debating which schools are best when one of the candidates went to Bob Jones University. That school isn't even accredited.

Secondly, that guy has 0 elected or political experience. Coming in a distant 2nd in a 5 way state senate race is not experience. He is a chiropractor who holds conservative views- that is it. While people might not want an establishment candidate, they at least want someone with political experience. I can't believe people even lump him in with Derk and Marino.

Anonymous said...

Here's my fear re: predictions -
Madeira vs. Marino = Madeira wins
Malcom vs. Marino = Malcom wins
Malcom vs. Madeira vs. Marino = Casino-Marino wins...and that is NOT a good thing.

As a Christian Conservative who could get excited about David Madeira OR Malcolm Derk, I want to ask these two to stop playing political "chicken" with each other. If they both stay in, they will both lose. Period. This is why establishment politicians beat principled politicians. They wheel and deal, we simply charge forward, in a losing venture. Guys, get together and figure something out, if not, you will split the conservative vote. If Malcolm wants to run for the open house seat, he'd win it. If not, here is my proposal:

Why don't the two of you agree right now that whichever one of you gets the most signatures will be the nominee. The other will drop out and endorse. If you don't come up with some idea like that, our next GOP nominee will be Casino-Marino and our next Congressman will be Chris Carney. Please, for the sake of the conservative movement, please, please consider it. Are you willing?
Thank you.

Thomas C., Wayne County said...

Anon 5:10 - I LOVE that idea! I will take it one step further to force their hand. As a member of a local Taxpayer Coalition and an active supporterof tea parties, I also ask them to do that and I also think that if one of them agrees and the other one does not, then the one who agrees should get any of our support. conservatives need to be united this election. David and Malcolm, are youu guys in? Are you willing to take the challenge? For the sake of reform, I hope you'll consider.

Anonymous said...

Marino will be crushed by Carney... I am a life-long conservative Republican but I refuse to vote for Marino. I am not sure who is the lesser of two evils, Carney or Marino.

I do not think Madeira can beat Carney and I don’t take his campaign very serious. Madeira has been promising to attack Carney... a dirty campaign is not going to beat Carney. Let Carney and the Dems go negative, the Republicans should elect Derk who will stand his ground and run an honorable campaign. Derk does not owe anyone anything so when he goes to Washington he will be representing the people of the 10th, not the religious right, big money, or alleged mobsters.

Marino and Madeira are attacking each other but they have nothing to say about Derk except that he's young. The Constitution says you have to be 25, Derk is over the age of 25, end of argument. Do you want to argue experience? Derk has more executive experience and government experience than the other two candidates combined… each having none.

Marino is a typically politicians with a very scripted campaign. He is the type of politician we are trying to throw out of office.

As for Derk getting around the District, he was the first candidate to visit Pike County. Keep in mind, PA-10 consists of 14 counties and Derk has a job helping run one of them.

Anonymous said...

Marino and Madeira are going around meeting with the "insiders" not the regular voters. When Marino and Madeira visited Pike County you needed an invitation from the old-guard. Derk attended an event that was open everyone and spoke with voters one-on-one throughout the night.

If you ask me, I want the guy who doesn't think he is too good to meet with people who aren't part of the establishment. In addition, Derk showed up with just his wife... Marino toured the District with a full entourage.

Who is going to go to Washington and represent the PEOPLE and who is going to go and represent his friends and the people who are paying for the entourage?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, people, put your own agendas aside for a minute.

Watch the Derk dude's campaign video.

Are you kidding me? It looks like an 8th grade social studies project. You think this guy has what it takes to knock off Congressman/Commander Chris Carney? Really?!

As far as education and experience, it's a fruitless debate among the Republicans because Carney puts all of them to shame. That being said, Bob Jones is not a real university, and I had never heard of Lycoming or Susquehanna prior to this thread (granted, I have only lived in Pennsylvania for three years).

Marino will win the primary...handily. Those who think otherwise are either deluded or political neophytes. Occasionally, a grassroots candidate is able to catch fire and shock the world, but I can count the number of times I've seen that happen on one hand and I've been paying attention to politics for longer than Malcolm Derk has been alive. Also, charismatic and inspiring candidates are the ones who are historically able to accomplish such feats...and sorry, Malcolm, you don't fit the bill.

Marino seems like a scumbag, but he's probably the best shot the GOP has. Meuser would probably be even money to knock off Carney, but I guess he's not running this time.

Anonymous said...

If Derk is not a threat to Marino or Madeira why are both of their campaigns trying to push Derk out?

Political neophytes? Just because you know how to turn your TV to a cable news station or read the political articles on the internet does not mean you have a clue as to what is happeing within the campaigns or on the ground. The primary is up in the air right now but most people can see how this could easily end up in Derk's favor. Would you call the State Senator and two State Reps that endorsed Derk yesterday "political neophytes"?

I have not picked a canidate yet but the comments above make good points. Marino is a disaster on paper and will have to really BS people to win any real grassroots support. Marino is trying VERY hard to be the grassroots candidate, as is Madeira and Derk. Now if a grassroots candidates can't win why are they all trying to be that candidate?

If you were not a "political neophyte" you would notice what is going on around PA and the country.

If Meuser could win a primary and beat Carney he would be running his own campaign instead of helping Corbett.

Anonymous said...

8:52 - Anyone who is so clueless as to admit that they've never even heard of Lycoming or Susquehanna should NOT be giving predictions on who will win. Why is it that all the genuinely stupid people of the world have the most opinions on what will happen.
There are some people that I assume to be idiots. Others, comment on blogs, thereby removing all doubt. Clueless people of the world, UNITE, and sit down and shut-up...please!

Anonymous said...

The Republican candidates in this race are pathetic...each in his own way.

Carney will beat the living sh*t out of them.

If I were Carney, my order of preference would be:
1) DERK--obviously, what a turd
2) Madiera--kooky, Bob Jones, but more serious than Derk
3) Marino--slimeball but will raise money

Big Dan said...

Was Madeira the guy who kept writing letters to the papers saying the government should step into the family's decision in the Terri Schiavo case, or was that a different Madeira?

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like this will be a fun campaign...a bunch of anon posts (like my own) slinging mud without a shred of evidence as if they were facts...the same who will get all upset if one of the candidates begins to criticize...or the newspapers print a story short on facts.

If my journalism prof were dead, he'd be rolling over in his grave...good luck all of you finding a candidate good enough for your district (in your minds anyway!) Your lucky anyone even considers running

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:59:

Your "journalism professor" would be more upset about the grammatical errors in your post than any of our prognosticating, you self-righteous prick.

Derk creeps me out.
Madiera is a "chiropractor."
Marino is corrupt.
Carney is elected.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Big Dan. The government has no business stepping into a situation in which a husband wants to kill his wife.