Friday, January 29, 2010

Goldsworthy taking on Phyllis in 120th

As first reported by Sights on Pennsylvania West Pittston Mayor Bill Goldsworthy will seek the Republican nomination to take on long time Democratic State Rep Phyllis Mundy in the 120th District that includes a big chunk of the west side of Luzerne County.

Mundy was unopposed in 2008 and faced token opposition from one of my favorite local cranks and talk radio fan John Cordora in 2006. After losing the GOP primary last year for Mayor of Kingston to Jim Haggerty on a platform of having a secret plan to fight crime Cordora backed the Democrat in the General Election. Now he is writing letters to the editor supporting Dave Madeira's bid for Congress.

Goldsworthy has been Mayor of West Pittston for a long time and won reelection last year by 280 votes. He is not happy about the latest budget debacle in Harrisburg because it hurt senior citizens and children's programs. “Many people served by these agencies were harmed.” He sounds like a compassionate conservative.

Then there is ambition “I will enter the race,” Goldsworthy said Thursday. “I’ve always considered running for state representative, but after the travesty of this past year, well, it just put me over the edge.”...“I just feel the time has come for me to run for this office.”

Phyllis welcomes the challenge

“I will run on my record and my dedicated service to my constituents,” she said. “I’ve always been very issue-oriented; I will continue to fight for the best interests of my district. I think if you ask any average citizen, they will tell you they are pleased with my record.”

Mundy has been a long time thorn in the side of Blue Cross and a champion of senior citizens.

There is a rumor that another Republican may get into the race. I hope so because this is a political blog that hates uncontested elections. Give me a horse race.


sexyfemalemuscle said...

curious, who will Rendell endorse. a sitting dem, or republican mayor who turned his back on his party and endorsed fast eddy last time out?

Anonymous said...

Bill Gold will be eating some humble pie. He turned his back on us and went with Rendell as his crytal ball indicated an easy win for Rendell. Good political move for himself and even for his town but now he wants us to look for his representation against Mundy. I dont think so. I think there are many Republicans out there who want and expect loyalty and Goldsworthy did not display any part of loyalty to the party. Besides, Mundy has been a good Representative for all of the people. She has fought the insurance companies and many of us appreciate that. It ain't broke and I won't vote to fix what ain't broke. So Goldsworthy can slap the voters of West Pittston and turn his back on them but that does not mean that our entire party will embrace him. Nothanks to Goldsworthy.

Anonymous said...

Needless to she's a good tax and spender and loves abortions too.

Anonymous said...

I think here is some merit in having a law that requires a current office holder to resign from the current office if seeking a different office during the current term. We the taxpayers end up paying a salary to office holders while they ignore their official duties to seek higher or at the least, a different office. This would include people like Goldsworthy who is paid to be mayor but is runnng for state rep. When running for the current office, these people claim to be doing what they think is best for the people and then use the office as a stepping stone .... fine but we should not be paying a salry while this is being done. Resign Goldy and then do whatever you want. Same for Yudichak, and the others looking for Musto's seat.

Anonymous said...

Name one D that ever resigned to run for another office. Chris Dorherty ?

Anonymous said...
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