Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marino in

From the inbox:

Tom Marino to Make Major Announcement

WILLIAMSPORT, PA – Tom Marino, former United States District Attorney in the Middle District of Pennsylvania, will make a major announcement about his political future in the 10th Congressional District at the following events on Wednesday, January 27, 2010:

10:00AM Young Men’s Republican Club
621 Washington Blvd
Williamsport, PA

1:00PM Pierce Street Deli
517 Pierce Street
Kingston, PA

3:30PM Pallman’s Farm
1511 Summit Lake Road
S. Abington Township, PA

6:00PM Ehrhardt’s Waterfront Resort
205 Route 507
Hawley, PA

The announcement comes on the heels of increased voter anger toward policies in Washington that have led to record levels of unemployment, spending that is best described as reckless, and a government run healthcare plan that raises taxes and reduces care and services to seniors.

*Please note that on Thursday, January 28, 2010, Tom will be touring Union, Bradford and Susquehanna counties to meet local voters and media organizations.


Anonymous said...

Not too smart to announce the same day as Obama gives the state of the union. I wonder who will get the press.

Anonymous said...

Word is long time political operative Mike Long is running Mr. Marino's campaign - He better keep his eye on his wallet - as it is always about Mike and what's best for him - remember the other guy who's local campaign he ran? He spent $2.5MM and lost.

Anonymous said...

Money is no object when Louie DeNaples is funding your campaign.

Anonymous said...

If Marino wins the primary, Carney keeps the seat.

Anonymous said...

Marino will win the primary b/c his opponents are not "credible," no offense "Dr" Madiera and Fat Ritchie Cunningham.

Marino is the embodiment of what is wrong with government officials. He is a corrupt scumbag. Carney--like his politics or not--is a solid, modest guy with a clean record.

The only way Marino beats Carney is if the Dems hit rock bottom next November...and it's my opinion that the Dems are gradually ascending from rock bottom now and will be in better shape by next fall.

Therefore, I predict Carney wins and locks down the seat for 20 years or until he gets a cabinet appointment someday. I also predict Kanjo sneaks by O'Brien but Barletta sends him packing come November. Republican Governor Tom Corbett and the Republican State Senate will re-align Congressman Carney and Congressman Barletta in a mutally beneficial way--ie, Carney gets Scranton.

Write it down, folks!

James May said...

Wow, you should go into the prophet making business. I think you are actually right. Maybe Marino can talk to his casino buddies and we can take bets on your prediction. I, for one, would bet you are pretty close to correct. Marino is going to KILL the GOP in this area.

Anonymous said...

Has Marino done a Google search of himself? What is he thinking?!

There is no way Marino can beat Carney, and shouldn't. The GOP better stop this guy during the primary!

Anonymous said...

Hey, how about a method to bring up a new subject? I just heard the WILK news commentator say that County Controller Walter Griffith said on the Corbett show that the "Former Garage Owner" (as he referred to himself) was not going to pay the bill for taisers purchased by the Sheriff's office. He doesn't think they need them, he is concerned about the liability, he is concerned about the cost of training. DOES THIS GUY UNDERSTAND THAT NONE OF THESE ARE HIS DECISIONS OR CONCERNS? HE IS NOT A COUNTY COMMISSIONER AND THE ONLY AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILITY HE HAS IS TO PAY OR NOT PAY THE BILL BASED ON PROPER PURCHASING PROCUDURE. Griffith is reading his own press releases and is getting out of control. Can we start a pool on how long it will be before he self destructs? If I heard this myself, I would have been on the phone to Corbett in a heart beat. Somebody needs to have a talk with this ego-maniac. He is not Steve Flood, not even close. I don't think he cares if he is right or wrong as long as they spell his name right.

zorcong said...

Um, requisition, no?

If the county cops actually need tasers, they put in a purchase order request and hope that it's approved. Right?

Or, do they do like they did with the Tommy-Gun--do whatever they want--and we'll find out about it months, perhaps, years later?

Walter is absolutely right on this one. County employees should not feel free to do what they want, when they want, with what is purported to be county property.

Being someone who has been closely intertwined with the WBPD and issues that directly affect the police, I'm wondering why the sheriffs would even think they need tasers, stun guns or taser gloves.

I mean, the sky is the limit when no financial accountibility is possible, but I'm wondering when was the last time the Luzerne County sheriffs encountered a violent incident for which they were grossly ill-prepared. Um, never?

Look, I've met a few of the guys we're talking about here, and very many of them are uber committed, professional and then some.

But it's not like they're patrolling the streets 24/7, or making arrests on a regular basis.

If they honestly need to upgrade as far as weapons go, the county controller should have no sayso at all before expenditures, before significant financial outlays are made?

That's absurd.

As much as you may not like it, the "Former Garage Owner," as you call him, is well within his rights to vigorously challenge unauthorized expenditures.

As a matter of fact, I think that's why he is now a former garage owner, because he promised, if elected, to closely monitor the finances of the county for the first time since Steve Flood graced the halls of the courthouse.

Walter?...ready?...here we go...

Subpoena power!

Anonymous said...

Funny how people piss and moan about Marino and Carney and dismiss guys like Madeira as not credible. This guy is on top of the issues, is not a hack and has great moral values. He's what we really need and is the opposite of the scum we have. Unfortunately at this point he can't raise the big money. So what do we do as voters?, We gravitate to all the assholes with the large cash and end up regretting who we voted for. WTF go figure??

Anonymous said...