Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Moon Lake

The Luzerne County Commissioners facing an enormous deficit eliminated funding for Moon Lake Park this year that I thought was a bad move but they had to find every savings possible. On the plus side it got rid of some dead weight on the payroll but many people enjoy the place. The Park has been reopened for limited use such as fishing but not camping and the facilities are still closed.

Another Monkey has fond memories of the park and frets what may become of it.

Our cash strapped county is looking at every possible revenue source and is looking at leasing the land for gas drilling. Sounds like a good idea, what could possibly go wrong?

The Sierra Club doesn't think it is legal for the Commissioners to lease the park for that purpose because there is a law in Pennsylvania that once land is given to a municipality or county or school district, the land is held in trust under the "Donated or Dedicated Property Act" and it becomes public use... County officials would have to go to court and prove that Moon Lake Park's original use is no longer practicable or possible, and no longer serves the public interest.

The Keep Moon Lake Park open! Facebook Page has over 4000 members and I doubt if many of them want to risk polluting the lake or the groundwater for a few bucks in the short term.

My friends Kayak Dude and Frack Mountain have documented many incidents of pollution, carelessness and regulatory failure.

As far as I can tell the PA Dept of Environmental Protection is way behind the curve and the EPA has been handcuffed regulating this activity.

My fear is that people will look at the short term dollars to be had but if our water is poisoned it will cost hundreds of billions to clean it up.


Donald John Williams said...


Your fear is well founded.

BTW - your cover is definitely blown...

PoorRichard said...

To quote the late Pidge Watson, Publisher of the Sunday Dispatch, "Be careful of tongue in cheek comments, they are often taken as serious."

I've suggested strongly that the Commissioners consider selling the naming rights to the Park just as was done with the Arena. The Mohegan Sun is eager to win public approval and their taking a positive financial action toward the Park is a strong possibility. Drilling deserves NO consideration, especially when they have not considered alternative solutions.

By the way, I don't know who the "dead weight" was that the Commissioners eliminated be defunding the Park but I do know that the former staff led by Clif Madrack did an outstanding job of cleaning up the Park and making it an attractive facility for family enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

I like the naming rights idea. Maybe one of the Big Gas/Big Oil companies could buy the naming rights. Perhaps EnCanaLand or CabotPatch. There could be rides like the Drill Rigger,the Thumper Truck Junior, the Endocrine Disruptor, and the Radioactive Mud Slide. Kids could buy Candy Apple Hardhats. The pool would have special undisclosed chemicals. The grounds crew would be instructed to pick up any spills only if they are in plain sight. And of course, no venue would be complete without the fire breathing water fountains.

Beats the frack out of boring old nature.

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Hey dumbed down Luzerne County dimwits, the county is 1/2 BILLION in the red, cliff madrack is nothing but an over paid political hack. Who got us there? DEMOCRATS.

It doesn't take rocket science to figure out that the sale of gas could reduce our tax burden unless you live in a rented shit hole in Edwardsville.

Austin said...

Yes the gas in this place could reduce our debt by less than 1%! Plus we get flammable drinking water for FREE!

C'mon don't you liberal blow hards even care about economics?!

Anonymous said...

At least there is an idea on the Board. I just don't understand why the Commissioners won't give it a try. All it could do is help.

Anonymous said...

S E L L the name and look for corporate sponsorhips. Toole hit the nail on the head.

D.B. Echo said...

I thought we were supposed to be selling the ultra-pure Iron Oxide that is leaching out the souvenirs of our LAST contribution to supplying America's energy needs? Anybody remember THAT "what are they smoking?" article?

And I'm sure we'll start seeing positive effects of that tax revenue from allowing the environment to be raped AGAIN in the name of short-term corporate profits about the same time as we start seeing our tax bills offset by the positive effects of having a casino in the area.