Saturday, March 06, 2010


One of my goals in life was to get to a level of prosperity that I needed a professional to do my tax return. I'm happy to report that I reached that goal in 2003. I'm certainly not rich but the rules about depreciation of rental property and the different treatment of stock dividends, etc. have got to be so complex that I want a Tax Pro to do my return. I won't to go a seasonal place like the one that hires people to stand out front of the place in a ridiculous costume.

I was dealing with a firm in my little burgh of Plains Township for the last few years but it changed ownership and the person I dealt with moved on. Last year I never talked with the person who did my return despite requesting an audience. Pretty poor customer service.

So I'm trying out a new number cruncher and will report back to you.


Dana said...

That's why Al Gore invented Turbo Tax. After all, if it was good enough for Timothy Geithner, the Sewcretary of the Treasury, it should be good enough for you! :)

Mr. F said...

I agree with Dana.
When my taxes were complicated because of selling my house, I too employed a "Professional". In a week, he presented all of my completed returns, and charged me 75 bucks.

TurboTax was printed on the bottom of each sheet. I never went back, and TurboTax has done my taxes since.

First time comment, long time lurker. Keep up the good work!

Gort said...

Thanks Guys,

I considered using Turbo Tax but the time involved to learn the software and adjusting 7 years of depreciation would be time that I just don't have right now.

So I'm fine with paying a professional a hundred bucks knowing it will done right.

After all, Time is Money.

Anonymous said...

Justin, a statesman is a retired politician.

Anonymous said...

If you use turbo tax or HR block you lose the money because they will short you on your refund. and their shotty work could lead to an audit