Friday, March 19, 2010

St Patrick's Day past

Poetry from the inbox


I recall so clearly on that cold green night

The echo of frightened squalors

Looking for some light of hope.

The circled dance of the damned raged at the other Pub

Where safety reigned and water was rampant

For those who were the sires failed to appear elsewhere

And the fires that waited in the darkness knew.

Tonight, Jerry doth not sleep!

“Dance!, Dance!, Dance!!” cried the stately prince.

Whilst embracing the swine beneath his floor.

Let Jim be the diplomat as we bargain our fate.

Upon the hill the Pub of giants was sulking in its memories;

For its brethren had chosen abandonment over loyalty.

Memories of Duffy’s cries of knowledge and Richard’s moans of pain;

Surely, are we not all profiled in the eyes of the evil Prince????

The morose silence broken with a ray of light from Dante’s boardroom.

THE dark sky broken up with sights of past and present agonies burning.

Like marshmallows and Styrofoam on a summer grill.

Tonight Jerry rises from his ashes and adorns his jogging suit. Jerry doth not sleep tonight!!!

As the other Pub turned out its lights and the prince embarked to subterranean perversion the Pub on the hill was now a living value of soot and broken granite.

The roast beef Sodom and Gomorrah that followed was soon crushed by the aching memories of lost souls yearning for consumption of forbidden beverages and not the conversation of fair-weather drinkers. Joe’s toupee could not hold the ravaged spirit back. No roast beef today or ever!

As nearly 15 years has now gone the past is surely the present today. St. Patrick had his snakes and Jerry has his demons. Indictments flow from the land of milk and honey. Indictments are ripples of revenge for the dark light of a night not soon forgotten.

The prince flies low today; but he still flies and you best understand the fact. A badge does not erase the miseries caused; of words of comparison to Sigourney Weaver and the fair maiden Colleen; but there is no screening of Alien tonight. Only death.

Tonight, Jerry doth not sleep.

Nor do we!!!!


Anonymous said...

By now everyone is sick of the Irish and all the big to do about nothing day after day and fixated by the media. 99% celebrate nothing Christian about the day, get drunk for whatever reason, know nothing about priest Patrick who was never canonized a saint or who was not Irish. Nothing more than a Irish halloween day with drunks celebrated

Pope George Ringo said...

Very deep, quite chilling with a valid after effect. The guy who wrote this really knows his stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

I am filled with dread...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

U think that now that Basil Russin got let go that he could have time to shave that horrible looking beard now. Bonner always was a bum

Anonymous said...

10:16 Prove otherwise or shut up.

Anonymous said...

OK kids, lets get together and start with the stone throwing. Russin wasn't "let go". After a hundred years of doing a good job and a low budget, he threw in the towel and resigsned. At least give him credit for walking away. Everybody is absorbed in throwing the stones and the idiots missed the fact that the company which our new County Commissioner cocounded has been paid over %200,000 and Urban voted for it. This asshole can't see a problem until somebody else points it out. We need serious government and putting Walter the Headline Griffith and Urban in a position to tie votes and stop government is just what we need. Retirement can't come too fast for me so I can join my family in Arizona. The ice is melting and it looks to me like the brains of the population are melting with it. I can't wait for the summer when we ca look forward to the baked brains. What a change!

Anonymous said...

He does need a shave