Sunday, October 03, 2010

10th CD candidate Tom Marino

What a slow motion train wreck the Tom Marino campaign continues to be.

There is no reason to doubt the latest report that he resigned as the US Attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania while he was under investigating for unethical conduct. He previously claimed that he had permission from the DOJ to give Louis DeNaples a reference for his casino license and turns out that is not true.

Report: Marino resigned during review

Former U.S. Attorney Tom Marino resigned from office in 2007 amid an internal Justice Department probe into his role as a personal reference for Dunmore businessman and convicted felon Louis DeNaples, according to a report published Saturday on the website of the Allentown Morning Call.

The Morning Call, citing a "person familiar with the matter," reported the department's Office of Professional Responsibility was investigating Marino for unspecified violations of department policy but that the department ended the investigation once Marino left office in October 2007.

So the question for my Republican friends is will you vote for this serial liar ?

I put up an early poll on this race on the left sidebar.


Anonymous said...

The question is: Who is the serial liar? Anyone who misrepresents where he stands on the issues in the district and goes to Washington and does the opposite? If you're a progressive or liberal, be proud of it and talk about why it's right - Like Joe is doing.

Granted there is no IQ test to run for office - thus the current GOP candidate.

Frankly, neither of them should represent voters.

Anonymous said...

Yonki nailed this on the head about a week ago. How does someone running for office NOT think this will be an issue

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:04

Carney has never misrepresented himself. The fact that he takes a reasoned approach to making decisions just drives you right wing extremists’ nuts. If a person doesn’t toe the party line 100% of the time you call them a sell-out. That is not how the majority of people in the 10th think. So you and Marino's claim that Carney is a liar is a joke and now every voter can see it for themselves. This is a case where you don't have to take someone’s word for it. Marino got caught red handed and everyone knows it now.

The only relevant question now is, did Marino resign while under investigation? Until he answers that question honestly nobody will listen to a word he says. The classic thing to do when you know you are guilty is to shoot the messenger.

Anonymous said...

Carney's a liar. No Moderate would vote with Nancy P 91% of the time. And did you know that many of the votes where he didnt' vote with Nancy were adopting the minutes from the prior day - just so it wouldn't be 96%.

Facts are stubborn things.

Anonymous said...

You can see how desperate Carney is to cover up his record. No ads about what he has done or what he stands for – just sling the mud.

Anonymous said...

Marino certainly does have some blind followers. They claim they want a reasonable thinking representative in Washington and when Carney proves that he is Moderate and not a member of the carzy left or crazy right, they can't handle it. Marino is what he is and we certainly don't need a Congressman with his character or lack thereof. Marino proved his low character when he attacked Carney for being at his wife's side during her battle with cancer. Where would Marino be if he was in the same situation? Right, he would have been in Washington just like his heros who walked away from their wives when they were suffering with cancer ... I speak of a former mayor of NY city and a former Speaker of the House ....... guess who?

Anonymous said...

Hey does anyone know what Joe Werner does for Kanjo? What is his title?