Thursday, October 07, 2010

Local veteran finds Barletta's response to be lacking

My friend NEPAsarge Veteran Voice recently asked Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta about his positions on veterans issues. He got a cut and paste response.

I recently received a letter in the mail from Lou Barletta’s campaign. I have attached what he sent me which can be seen on his website,

VA Hospital

I know the Veterans’ Administration medical center in Wilkes-Barre Township plays a critical role in the health care of thousands more veterans across Northeastern Pennsylvania. The local VA hospital serves one of the largest populations of veterans in the nation. It is critical that the VA hospital not only remain open, but that it provides the best possible care with the most modern equipment. If I am fortunate enough to represent you in Washington as your Congressman, I give you my word that I will fight to protect the VA Medical Center. I will prevent it from being closed. I will make sure that veterans are never shortchanged when it comes to medical care here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

NEPAsarge: Thanks to Rep. Kanjorski, it stayed open when the Republicans controlled congress tried to close it. So in this statement didn’t Rep. Kanjorski already do this?

The rest of his response came from his website promising to help homeless vets and fund programs for PTSD, brain injuries and fund the latest version of the GI Bill. Programs the Republicans didn't want to fund when they were in charge or in some cases wouldn't even acknowledge the problem. Remember that the 2008 Republican platform called for dismantling the VA heath care system replacing it with a system that would give our vets a voucher to go out and find help.

NEPAsarge was not impressed with Mr. Barletta's response:

Paul Kanjorski has led the charge of veterans rights ever since he took the oath of office 15 years ago, for the people of NEPA. The current servicemen and women, their families, and veterans are well protected by Paul Kanjorski duties to server our area. He has not posted it on the internet he proved it with actions. How can a freshmen congressman honestly promise to protect our vets as well as Paul had done?
All of the veteran’s positions Lou Barletta writes of here are indeed great positions to have. I only wish his colleagues on the right side of the house would agree with him.

Kanjo keeps up the attack on Barletta in his latest TV spot


Anonymous said...

sees Barletta's communication guys, former Standard Speaker writers and others just dont have the veteran answer down just yet. i guess they will blame SOMEONE for this blunder

Anonymous said...

Barletta and his team don't have the veteran answer down because none of them ever served a day in uniform. Old Kanjo was in the Army and The Guard. He has consistently been a friend to veterans. He has done much both out in front and behind the sceenes.
In this time of tragic war do we really need to elect someone like the War Party populated with the likes of Barletta, Toomey and Marino who never had the courage to wear the uniform of his country?
Kanjo, Carney and Sestak all have proudly worn the uniform of their country. If the people we elect to office may decide whether are young men and women may be asked to give their lives, wouldn't you prefer someone who was willing to make that sacrifice?

Bill said...

Re: "Kanjo, Carney and Sestak all have proudly worn the uniform of their country."

And all deserve credit for their service. However, Kanjo and Sestak, despite their distinguished records, cannot relieve themselves on my head, tell me it is raining, and then expect me to vote for them.

I do not need Kanjorski or Sestak, or Carney for that matter, to tell me what kind of health insurance I need and have to buy. Nor do I need or want Kanjorski or Sestak (Carney voted against cap and trade) to tell me I have to pay more for gasoline and electricity in the form of carbon taxes or carbon credits so the climate parasites at Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase can line their pockets at my expense.

I mention these firms because Kanjo's and Sestak's fellow Democrat, Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) named them as explicit beneficiaries of cap and trade in a letter she wrote to the Wall Street Journal. I think she wanted to tell them what a great job she was doing for them but she forgot that the WSJ circulates to us bitter small town people who cling to guns and religion.

Nor do I need Sestak and his friends in the Brady Campaign (who wouldn't have lasted one semester at the U.S. Naval Academy before being expelled for lying or cheating) to tell me what kind of firearms, if any, I can own for target shooting or self-protection. Sestak cannot consort openly with my enemies (Brady, a portion of which I personally destroyed in 2000 by exposing its misuse of tax exempt money for electioneering) one day and ask me to be his friend the next. He does deserve credit for his service but he should have stayed in the Navy where he might have by now earned his fourth star, but he is not welcome to speak for me in the House or Senate.

I am not happy with Carney's vote for ObamaCare but I won't be too unhappy if he wins because I am also not happy with Marino's accusation that he missed a vote (or something) when he was caring for his sick wife. Also, Carney at least voted against the cap and trade scam. As for Kanjorski and Sestak, though--don't let the door hit you on your way out of Congress.

Bill said...

Re: the above. I am referring to the Million Mom March, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity that, among other things, touted Joe Hoeffel on its "Apple Pie Award" page while it promised to defeat pro-Second Amendment legislators (using tax exempt money, apparently). I sent this information to a pro-2nd Amendment columnist who published it in newspapers around the country, and that is what broke the Million Mom March's back and forced it to liquidate in 2001. (The current Million Mom March does not have the same employer identification number.)

Anyway, those are Joe Sestak's friends which means, along with Sestak's votes for cap and trade and ObamaCare, that Pat Toomey will have my vote in November.

GNA Politics said...

As a 20 year Air Force retiree, I have not been pleased with Mr. Kanjorski. My main issue is with my healthcare. As a retiree in this area, my family and myself have to travel 40 miles to use TriCare Prime, my military health insurance. I contacted Mr. Kanjorski's office after I retired and was offered NO help in resolving this situation for all military retirees in NEPA. Why will Mr. Kanjorski not support military retirees in this area?

One of the reasons the military moves it’s members a lot is complacency. Having members rotating in give the mission new talent, new ideas, and prevents people from being too comfortable. The term for members who have been in place too long is a “homer”. They miss critical issues that arise due to complacency from being in one assignment for too long. This leads to laziness, ineffectiveness, and could lead to a compromise of our national security. I believe this holds true for our members of Congress who have become "homers". They lose touch with where they came from and are assimilated into the Washington culture.
These are just some of the reasons why I am supporting Lou Barletta this election.

Anonymous said...

These people don't get it that Kanjorski's seniority has kept the VA in Wilkes Barre and the Tobyhanna Depot from being moved. They like all republicans refer to health care REOFRM as Obama Care. It is reform jerko ... REFORM! These people who do not want health reform never had a child born with a birth effect and denied coverage because it was a pre existing condition. They have never been dropped by a health insurance company because they were too sick too often. They like having a cap on how much insurance money can be spent on them. They are not one of the 30 million who now have health insurance. Is the plan perfect? No but neither was Medicare when it first went into effect. But any step toward health reform and getting the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies under control is a good step. People who pick up on the Republican deception calling reform Obama Care are a major part of the problem. When they privatize Social Security and the Tea Party gets its way and eliminates Medicare which they say is unconstitutional, then these assholes will be happy. Idiots, one and all! Oh by the way, I have three very good friends who are retired military ad they use their Tri-Care locally. They don't have to drive 40 miles for health care. Just another example of idiots at large.

Anonymous said...

The last post is a great example of the bitterness that comes from people that speak from a part of their body that is not their mouth. The person you are referring to as in "idiot" happens to be MY husband! A proud 20 year veteran of the United States Air Force. You know nothing about him or OUR health care. It is easy to spew venom if you don't know the facts. The FACT is, there are several types of tri-care. Tri-care prime is the best option for families and most of our military friends in other areas are lucky enough to have it available. The problem is, no one ever bothered to work to extend that benefit to retired military families in Northest PA., and YES, I DO travel 40 miles to the nearest participating doctor. So, please, in the future think before you insult a man that served his country for 20 years simply to try and make a political point. My husband expresssed his opinion, and rather than having a discussion, you chose to go on the attack to support your candidate, Mr. Kanjorski. By the way, your welcome. My husband served his country in order to allow you to have the freedom to express those opinions daily! Thank you for your time, A proud military wife that supports Lou Barletta!

Anonymous said...

Lady, if he is your husband then that's your problem. He voiced an opinion as a retired veteran that he is not pleased and never has been with Kanjorski. I'm not a retired veteran but I am a veteran and I'm also entitiled to my opinion and I think the guy who put your husband into a group called "idiots" was very fitting and I agree. Kanjorski has been a complete friend of veterans so I take it that your idiot husband is a blind Republcian who obviously does not know that formet president George Bush was the only president in our history to try and reduce military and veteran benefits in time of war. I stnad on my opinion that idiots also served our country. Thank your husband for his service or simply read him this comment.

Anonymous said...

Vandy33 thanks for your service. I agree with much of what you say. However, in this election cycle if there is a veteran on the ballot, regardless of party, I am voting for the veteran. My only issue this year is making sure that the likes of Cheney, Obama, Santorum, Specter, Casey, Toomey, Pelosi, Reid, the Clintons etc... none who had the courage or commitment to country to wear our uniform, will not be sending our brave men and women to die in a foreign land.
If military force must be used, I would like someone who has military experience in on the decision.