Thursday, October 28, 2010

10th CD debate recap

Tom Marino said Nancy Pelosi is a liberal and kept calling Chris Carney a liar although he couldn't say what he was lying about. Carney went after him about his letter of reference for Louis DeNaples when he was seeking a Casino license and when Borys asked him about it Marino simply refused to answer the question and changed the subject. Carney asked him to answer the question and Marino kept calling him a liar about his health care vote. He lied when he said Carney voted for TARP or just doesn't know his voting record. They both accused each other of running negative ads and Carney pointed out that Marino hasn't run one positive spot.

They were both disappointing with their responses about Marcellus Shale drilling. Carney asked Marino about his stance about the Frac Act but Marino didn't answer that either.

Carney said one the biggest obstacle to progress in the 10th CD is the political extremes and touted his ability to work across the aisle saying his Congressional staff is half Dems and half Reps. It's about working together.

Marino then riped into the stimulus and attacked Nancy Pelosi yet again. Carney asked him wanted what projects he wanted to take back. No response.

Marino said he wanted to eliminate the Department of Education (or maybe not) and Carney responded by criticizing No Child Left Behind because of it's emphasise on standardized tests the don't teach kids critical thinking.

Answering a question about the Susquehanna River Marino said we have the same amount of water that we have as we had a few billion years ago. I wonder how that will play with the fundy/creationist crowd.

Carney recounted how he got substandard military helmets previously made by prisoners are now made by companies in NEPA.

Marino went on another 91% voting with Pelosi, cut taxes, etc. rant that Carney rebutted by Carney saying that his opponent can only repeat talking points that he memorized from the internet and talks in platitudes.

Carney defended the health care bill after Marino said it was jammed down our throats by Pelosi and Reid. Carney said it was vote of conscience being a cancer survivor that realizes that everyone deserves the care he received and said he was lucky because he had insurance. Someone without insurance will eventually end up in the emergency room when it it's too late and will cost the rest of us much more than if it was treated from the beginning. The CBO estimates that the bill will save $1 trillion+ in the future.

Video at WVIA

Carney and Marino duke it out on WVIA

Carney focuses on DeNaples link

Carney, Marino argue their cases before voters

Campaign reactions.

Well, it looks like only one campaign is sending me press releases now. What's up Jason? I always published your stuff.

Marino dodges questions during debate

Pressed for answers from panel at WVIA debate, Marino goes silent, again

CLARKS SUMMIT -- Pressed by panelists about why he provided a casino reference for a felon when he was a U.S. attorney, Tom Marino continued to repeatedly ducked the question, denying the voters of the 10th District an answer about his years as a public official, first as district attorney and then as a U.S. attorney. Yet even as he remained silent on his controversial past, he claimed he was a “straight-shooter.”

“I’m a straight-shooter,” he told the public. “The truth is out there.”

Campaign spokesman Josh Drobnyk made the following statement: "Was he a straight-shooter when he said he had permission to give the reference for his felon friend, or when he said later that he never had permission to begin with? The fact is that Tom Marino is anything but a straight-shooter. He's willing to say anything to get elected."

Marino continued to falsely accuse Congressman Carney of voting to expand TARP. Congressman Carney voted against that measure. Marino also continued to changed his positions. Asked why he has advocated eliminating the Department of Education, Marino denied the charge.

“I said I would do away with education the way it exists now,” he said. Yet in May, he was quoted in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette as calling “for the elimination of the federal Department of Education."

"This debate continued to highlight the clear choice that voters face on Nov. 2. There is only one candidate in this race who has a grasp of the issues and vision for the future of the 10th District and that is Chris Carney."

Fact Check: Marino continues to lie about TARP expansion vote

Even after admitting "mistake," he repeatedly makes false claims at debate about Congressman Carney's votes

CLARKS SUMMIT -- Tom Marino's pattern of lying has not ended with his own career. He repeatedly lied at Wednesday's debate about Congressman Carney's voting record, even after publicly admitting that he had made a "mistake" in his claim that Congressman Carney voted for the Wall Street Bailout. In fact, Congressman Carney opposed the Wall Street Bailout every time the bill came to the floor -- against the wishes of Republican and Democratic Party leaders. Congressman Carney voted AGAINST the expansion of TARP, contrary to Marino's false claims.

"The information that I received said that he finally ended up supporting that. If he didn’t then that is my mistake," Marino told WKOK radio in Sunbury on Aug. 25.

Yet he continues to lie. He claimed in Wednesday's debate that Congressman Carney voted to expand TARP. Congressman Carney opposed the Wall Street bailout twice and voted against expanding TARP. He needs to get his facts correct once and for all.

"Tom Marino has demonstrated that he has no problem lying not only about his own career but about Congressman Carney's record as well," said Josh Drobnyk, campaign spokesman for Congressman Carney. "When will he learn to tell the truth?"


HR 3997
failed 205-228 on 9/29/2008
Roll #674 (
Congressman Carney voted against

HR 1424
passed 263-171 on 10/3/2008
Roll #681 (
Congressman Carney voted against

HJRes 3 (Resolution PREVENTING expansion of TARP)
passed 270-155
Roll #27 (
Congressman Carney voted in favor


Anonymous said...

I was at the debate and am a supporter of Tom Marino - my bias up front.

Carney lost this debate for several reasons - he did not or could not paint a vision of his success in DC. His MO has been to be a nice guy who everyone likes - he destroyed that brand.

His comment ' "I deserve another term" is a sign of the arrogance he has and that smugness came through all night long.

My comments are on Carney - Not Marino - as challengers don't win, incumbents lose. Marino was good enough.

Pope George Ringo said...

Come January, DeNaples will once again have a 'boy' in the House as it was back in the days of Sherwood and good ol' Joe the flasher McDade.
Good luck America.

Anonymous said...

I believe Carney proved he's the much better candidate, as Marino can't answer a single question. Not only in this debate, but even at the Times Leader Editorial Board meeting: he recites conservative platitudes, bashes Pelosi, but offers no plan, no strategy, no procedure for moving forward. He can't find one portion of the stimulus he wants to take back, yet he bashes the stimulus bill every chance he gets. He can't explain how he would solve the health care crisis if Republicans repeal the recent health care bill: He just wants to repeal it.

Marino: No ideas, no solutions, just right-wing talking points. At this point, election day can't come fast enough: I am ITCHING to vote for Chris Carney again :)

Anonymous said...

itch away Carney lover - you might scratch his balls as well.

Carney's one claim to fame - getting the bypass in Snyder county done - he announced it will be build - but has no source of funding other than a commitment that it will go on the "list" of potentially fundable projects.

Give me a break and go back to scratching.

Anonymous said...

I love how Marino called the CSVT a "Beltway" Whaat a dumbass. As for your last comment--Here is the article from the daily Item which shows the project is funded. Great Work Commander Carney

The metaphorical traffic jam keeping the Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway (CSVT) from becoming a reality has cleared up a little bit this week as the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) recommended the project be fully funded as part of Appalachian Development Highway System corridor.

The announcement came from U.S. Rep. Chris Carney, D-10, who has been advocating for the 13-mile thruway be constructed since he was elected to office.

"This designation means the thruway will finally get the funding it deserves to break ground," Carney, of Dimock, Susquehanna County, said in a press release issued Wednesday. "I vowed when I was elected in 2006 that this would be my top transportation priority and I would fight for it every step of the way. This represents the most progress seen in decades for this project.

"It is a testament to the cooperation of officials at every level and the persistence of CSVT Task Force Chairman Joe McGranaghan."

With less than a week before the election, however, in which Carney is challenged by Lycoming County Republican Thomas Marino, the decision has brought much criticism from U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-5, of Centre County. The funding for CSVT was pulled from a long-designated corridor project in Centre and Clearfield counties, prompting Thompson to label the move "highway robbery" and "political pandering" in an interview with The Daily Item.

Carney's camp, however, said Wednesday the meeting at which the funding switch was decided is one of four regularly scheduled meetings ARC has every year.

"Congressman Carney has been pushing for this since his election. It wasn't thrown together because of politics," said Josh Drobnyk, a spokesman for Carney.

Carney, who was preparing for a debate, was not available Wednesday to comment further on the matter, Drobnyk said.

What changes

The new designation will open up a significant funding stream previously unavailable to the project and is the most important step in the four decades that proponents of the project have pushed for the CSVT, it was reported in Carney's press release. The thruway is intended to ease heavy traffic along Routes 11 and 15 along "the strip" north of Selinsgrove and provide an important thoroughfare in the Susquehanna Valley.

The estimated price of the project is $418 million.

The resolution was passed via representatives of the governors of 12 of the 13 Appalachian states. Final approval will be made by the governors themselves in several weeks.

McGranaghan, who is also the mayor of Shamokin Dam, a community heavily impacted by the traffic problem and the proposed thruway, said the decision is a victory for which Carney deserves credit.

"I know how long and hard Congressman Carney has worked to bring this day about; he deserves our sincere thanks for all he's accomplished," he was quoted in Carney's release.

"Chris Carney's leadership at the federal level is responsible for making a decades-old problem a soon to be distant nightmare," added Maria Culp, president and CEO of the Central Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce. "His willingness to put the time in to understand the challenges that were before us, and come up with a plan of action that he shared with our state legislators and local leaders helped make this happen."

Barry O'Connell said...

I think Carney is very lucky that Marino is his opponent because he has a chance to be reelected. I think against a normal Republican he would lose. The last Dem we had in Lycoming county was Allen Ertel and Carney is not half the man that Ertel was as Congressman.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell

Anonymous said...

Barry is right. In a year of "anti-incumbent" backlash going on all across the country, once again, the local dumbasses can't get a decent candidate to run against Carney. He can breathe easy.
I'm a Republican. I refuse to vote for Marino because he's just an idiot. I also refuse to vote for Carney because I have contacted his office many times during important votes and I know he doesn't listen to his people and votes the way Pelosi wants.
So, they both suck!!

Anonymous said...

In this year's anti-incumbent mind set a non vote IS a vote for the incumbent

Anonymous said...

Gotta vote for the person who will vote against the Obama/Pelosi agenda of democracy destruction.

Anonymous said...

Somebody should ask where Louis DeNaples stands on the issues because Tommy Marino will vote as he is told.