Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New features

Blogger has come a long way in the last 5 years. It has become so easy to use.

I added 2 page elements tonight to the blog and didn't have to screw around with the template or HTML code. I deleted a few dead links from the blogroll and added my friend David Madeira's great site with ease.

Dave and I agree on........nothing.

He's a radio big shot now with a Saturday 8AM time slot that must have dozens of listeners.

The Dave Madeira Show

Another Republican friend has also entered the blogging world.


One of these days I will add them to NEPA Blogs. Maybe DB or Michelle will take care of it.

Back to the new features. You could always search Gort42 if you knew how but now it is easier. I also added Popular Posts to the left sidebar.


Anonymous said...

David Madeira lives up the street from me. As the big flaming liberal with all the Democratic signs in my yard, I'm pretty sure he knows who I am. He and his family are nice, though.

Unknown said...

Thanks Anonymous. I think your nice too.

Thanks Gort for the link - and I think we agree that we have a fundamental distrust of corrupt politicians. And I know for a fact I have at least 7 listeners because I make my wife and kids get up and listen.

Dana said...

Of course, if you switched to WordPress, it'd be easier still!