Sunday, October 31, 2010

Predictions: Home Rule Yes and some state legislature races

I have been doing an informal survey of office holders, fellow bloggers and other political watchers over the last few days and we pretty much agree on the following races.

The Luzerne County Home Rule Charter will win big. Unlike 2003 there has not been a very organized effort against it and people are so fed up with what has been going on for years that just has recently been exposed that they are willing to take a chance on another form of government. The charter is not perfect but the biggest objections about an elected county executive and council elections by district can be addressed in 5 years by amendment instead of going through the whole process of electing another commission and writing another charter.

The PA 14th Senate race will be won by John Yudichack(D). The district has an overwhelming Democratic registration and Yuddy has been a good state rep. I like Steve Urban (R) and think he has been a good county commissioner. The Libertarian candidate Betsy Summers will eat into his vote but even if she wasn't in this Yudichack would still win big.

In the 118th State Rep District incumbent Mike Carroll (D) will be returned for another term.
Carroll has pleasantly surprised me with his desire to overhaul the campaign finance laws (there aren't many) of Pennsylvania and reform the redistricting process. His opponent Terrance O'Conner likes to dress up in 18th century garb and stand in the bed of his pick up truck yelling into a bullhorn. Today is Halloween so O'Conner should fit right in. One of his campaign planks is repeal ling the sales tax on ammunition. It's hard to win an election when you make yourself into a cartoon character and a joke.

Karen Boback (R) will win big in the overwhelmingly Republican 117th District. I have to congratulate Richard Shermanski (D) for running a energetic campaign.

James O'Meara (R) is my favorite underdog in this cycle. He has stayed positive in his uphill challenge to unseat Eddie Day Pashinski (D). He came to every blogger event and he married a great girl. I have never cast a straight ballot so this is one Republican I will be voting for. Pashinski wins big.


Anonymous said...

Steve Urban looks like and acts like Adolf Hitler - I hope he loses BIG!

Anonymous said...

You liberals are all the same;
pick home rule, though it sucks and TRY to fix it later.
Take the f'd up Obama care instead of genuine health care reform and TRY to fix it later.
1/2 assed everything, instead of doing it correctly.

Anonymous said...

Urban acts like Adolf Hitler?????? What????? That's a typical double digit IQ statement from good old NEPA.
Enlighten me Anon 6:47. How does he act like Hitler????
Are you just mad because he opposed most decisions made by the people who are all now and will soon be charged with criminal conduct??? Oh, that makes him a horrible man.

Anonymous said...

This is anon 6:58 again. I can't wait until you demoncrats get beat on tuesday. And I can't wait until 2012 when a real Christian takes office again when Sarah Palin wins. I would masturbate on that day except Christine Odonell tells me that's not right, so I won't. Forgive any gramatical errors or misspellings. Since I'm not a liberal these mistakes wern't made because of a sticky keybord.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm as liberal as they come, and I'm against the home rule charter.

Second of all, Shermanski DID run a good campaign. If he had the money and resources, he probably would have beaten Boback -- two of his staffers were organizers on presidential campaigns from different states, so they knew what they were doing, but the fundraising wasn't there unfortunately. He's got mine and my family's vote, and actually, a lot of people I know are voting for him too, just because they felt he gave it his all and looked defeat in the eye and didn't blink. Good for him.

Carroll, Mullery, Yudichak, and Pashinski will win hands down, Mundy will too. Eachus v.s. Toohill may end up being a tossup, IMO.

I'm betting Corbett wins Governor, Sestak wins Senate, Carney beats Marino, and Barletta beats Kanjorski.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen...

Anonymous said...

Hitler boy Urban needs to be thrown out of office