Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Bloggers prognosticate

My felow scribes in NEPA and across Pennsylvania give us their predictions. I will highlight their calls on the 10th and 11th CD races.

Joe at PAWatercooler

10- Marino 11-Barletta


10- Carney 11- Kanjorski

Penn Patriot

10- Marino 11-Barletta

Carbon County Voice

10 - no call 11 - Kanjorski (I think)

Pure Bunkum

10 - Carney 11 - Barletta

Norton teamed up with Dave Madeira and came up with a split decision.


Dave - Marino
Steve- Carney


Dave - Barletta
Steve - Kanjorski

Then there is Bernie


Unknown said...

I told you it's better to be right!

Demvoter said...

First Thank You for all your hard work Paul Kanjorski. I am a loyal follower of yours. Im a strong democrat and I saw this coming in the 11th district for Kanjo a while back. It became more ture when I walked into his campaign headquarters and I saw the people he had working for him. The campaign was even in worse shape when they sent out those paid canvassers who looked like they did not have a clue. Ed Mitchell is very very cocky in his responses and that is such a big turn off as well. I know you are a fan of him Gort but it comes off as very arrogant. I spoke with other people throughout the district who did not like the way Kanjo and his staff treated constituents. There are alot of people in the Luz Democratic Party who are has beens and do not do a thing. In other areas the Democratic Party does things like getting out the vote and canvassing their areas but not here they think that its beneath them. Enstead of handing out things at the doors of polling places to people who already made up there mind who to vote for they should be making sure their neighbors get out and vote. There has to be a change in the Luz County Dem Party for things to get better. Lou will be a one termer at best. Some people may get angry but this is just what I saw.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can tell you that there was a very strong GOTV campaign in Carbon, but it still didn't matter since the state house campaign failed to do its part to motivate the dem base.

Joe Valenti - PittstonPolitics.com said...

Hey Gort - Considering the R's will now have control of the house, when can we expect a photo of Newt, Palin or Boehner front and center on Gort42?