Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving thanks

It is fitting that one of the last posts on this blog comes from a regular contributor.


A Thanksgiving Message by Mean Old Man

Here we go again with the crappy holiday of Thanksgiving when I have to be subjected to my goofy relatives nagging me on a day I should be relaxing. What the hell is it that makes everyone think that just because there’s a holiday like this one or the dreaded Christmas, that relatives have to see each other??? Damn!!!

Sure enough, tomorrow morning my two loser sons Clay and Harlan will be stopping by with their dumb kids in tow (not to mention their harlot wives) to ruin my day. And it doesn’t end there, by sundown every creepy in-law and cousin will have graced my front door telling me stories I don’t want to hear and smelling of cheap perfume (including my cousin Phil’s “buddy”, Hal—you get what I mean). My question always is, where the hell are these twerps when I could use them??? A few months back my septic tank was blocked and I was forced to shovel into the ground all day to reach the pipe, but my two runts were nowhere to be found. I called and they were “out doing something”. And it ain’t even as if they could have graced me with at least one grandson to help out with the chores, no they had to have daughters; who by the way are of no help to Thelma Jean because these two tramps in waiting would find the act of boiling water a difficulty.

So what is there to be thankful for this year, anyway??

Thanks Pres. Obama for giving us the commie national health insurance (govt. should stay out of the health care business).

Thanks Mr. President for cutting my Medicare.

Thanks for cutting my Social Security while increasing the benefits for all the illegal aliens.

Thanks for destroying the reputations of two fine young Judges, namely Judge Chiavarella and Judge Conahan with trumped up charges.

Thanks for the influx of juvenile delinquency that has hit my area now that those two judges are out of office and we now have bleeding hearts like Tina Polachek Gartley in charge (she needs to learn to cook and sew, that would be a far more respectable place in society for her).

In short Mr . President, thanks for nothing!!!

I hope this year to be able to sneak out of the house after dinner to go join my friends Jiggs, Slinky and Gummo for a game or two of pool at the legion, down a few Stegs and afterwards listen to the soothing sounds of Vicki Carr singing The Christmas Song.

That’s my holiday, no kids, no family, no sissy love.

Take that Commies,

Happy Thanksgiving and Go to Hell!!!!!


Dana said...

One of us hopes that this isn't one of the last posts on this blog.

Anonymous said...

With the county home rule nuts taking over and Haggerty about to install his puppet Council, this is a terrbile time for a well read and straight shooter type blog to shut down. This is one of the few actually only blog I know of that is not a personal platform for the owner to sprew hate and carry on personal vindetta's. Is there no alternative to your shutting down?

Anonymous said...

Good bye. Enjoy being more productive in life doing something people actually appreciate. You will be missed, but the negative namby pampy cry babies like Big Dan made your blog their whinny playgrounds.

Anonymous said...

6:21 I would think if your too lazy to even have a name, you're also too lazy to have ever accomp;lished anything. Why not start your own and see if you can last even a week.

Anonymous said...

I like you name 8:37, actually it appeared that 6:21 was complimenting gort.
I myself like to read blogs, but I would never waste time writing one. What is the point? To be derided and bitched at for no profit?
Wish you well Gort.