Thursday, November 11, 2010

Comcast update

I broke down and ordered the boxes from Comcast that are supposed to restore my TV viewing to what it once was in the days when Adelphia was my cable provider with the promise of more channels. They arrived today and I hooked up the first one and followed the instructions provided but I still don't have the upgraded service. Nothing worked. Even worse, after I plugged in all the wires and boxes then waited the required time it knocked out my internet connection. I'm usually pretty good with electronic devices but I can't figure this out. I disconnected everything to get things back to normal.

I'm sure that Comcast will offer to send over a tech geek to make it all work for a "modest service charge" sometime between 6Am and Midnight someday next month if I ask.

Update: I figured it all out. So now I can be enticed to buy first run movies for a low. low price.


Don Williams said...


As my basement was flooding a few weeks back, I was pulling wires from my TV, Comcast Cable box and surround sound system as fast as possible and throwing them all in a box. My basement is almost back to normal, and it took me about an hour to reconnect everything and get it to work again.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Great- My 88-year old mother got her converters delivered yesterday. I can't wait for her to be asking me, after hers don't work, either, why she can't watch the game show network....