Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Corey O'Brien for Congress 2012

I was going to hold off speculating on who would take on Congressman Nelligan in 2012 but it looks like founder Dan Hirschhorn has started the ball rolling in Politico.

Pennsylvania Dem looks to recapture Paul Kanjorski's seat

Lackawanna County Commissioner Corey O'Brien, who mounted an unsuccessful primary challenge to Kanjorski this year, began shoring up support for another run soon after Kanjorski lost to Republican Lou Barletta, people close to him say.

You have to wonder if the teabag guy Brian Kelly wasn't on the primary ballot and Lackawanna County Commissioner Corey O'Brien had run a better campaign by not spending all his money so early what the primary result would have been. Kanjorski pulled less than half the vote in May which immediately made us all worried about the fall. It's impossible to say O'Brien would have beat Lou Barletta in this environment but you can make an argument that he would have had a better chance as a fresh face without all of Kanjo's baggage.

Dan asserted in his story that The district's favorable demographics — coupled with the fact that Republicans can't make it more GOP-friendly through redistricting without hurting their own incumbents in neighboring districts — have Democrats bullish on a return to power there. I'm not so sure about that. After the 2000 census Harrisburg Republicans tried to merge the 11th CD with the 17th seat held by Tim Holden until then State Rep Kevin Blaum restored some sanity to the process. We still ended up with Luzerne County being chopped in half and Scranton being taken out of the the 10th CD after many years and put in the 11th. Who knows what this bunch in Harrisburg will dream up this time.

O'Brien is up for reelection as Lackawanna County Commissioner in 2011 and would have to walk a fine line when asked if he would serve out his term if he wins or is he just using it as stepping stone to Congress. My advice would be to skip the Commissioner's race and put a full time effort into winning the Congressional race but that is easy for me to say because I don't know his circumstances.
Corey certainly won't have a clear path to the nomination as it is no secret that many other Democrats will be in the running for the nod. As I have told many of my friends the 2012 Democratic primary will be a donnybrook.
I asked O'Brien about this story yesterday. His response:

Gort - hope all is well. I'm weighing all options and will be talking more seriously about it over the holidays with my entire family.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he will wait and see where the new district lines will be drawn. Though if his district still encompasses Luzerne County, I dunno. After trying to #$#@ Luzerne County up the !## without lubrication wit the Yankee sale, he may want to stay as a commish

PoorRichard said...

There is no doubt that the baseball sale will hurt him in Luzerne county. That has already been the s speculation among my friends.

Barry O'Connell said...

O'Brien for Congress and Clinton for President, I like it!

Anonymous said...

If Bill Clinton could run for President again, he would win by a landslide!

Anonymous said...

If Bill Clinton could run for President again He would have my support but I was talking about Hilary. I would rather win with Hilary than one more Obama disaster.
Btw I can understand why Kanjo screwed Carney on the Apps Seat but why did Obama scuttle Kanjo with the job cuts. Kanjo is out because Obama wanted him out.
Barry O'Connell

Dana said...

Lou Barletta hasn't even taken his seat in the House yet, and y'all are already itching to take him out in 2012.

Well, it's really pretty simple: if the Republicans do what they said that they'd do in the House, Mr Barletta will be re-elected by a huge margin. If the Republicans turn into big spending Democrats Lite, y'all can run a yellow dog against him and win.

PoorRichard said...

Dana, The only thing I truly fear i sthat there is a small chance your right and the Republicans do as promised ....... screw us even more than they already have! Wake up!