Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I make good on my bets

Joe V in the comments: Hey Gort - Considering the R's will now have control of the house, when can we expect a photo of Newt, Palin or Boehner front and center on Gort42?

Please forgive me for being away from the keyboard since the polls closed last night but a few things popped up including a visit to the dentist today that was less painful than watching the results from last night's election.

You may remember that I made a wager with fellow internet scribe Joe Valenti of Pittston Politics . If the Dems kept control of the House he would replace his profile picture with an image of the soft spoken grandmother from Sodom on the San Andreus. That didn't happen so I will replace my profile picture with one of the above. To show my bipartisan spirit after this election I decided to rotate photo's of all 3 for the next week.

If the gentleman from across the aisle and river would want to show his spirit of bipartisanship he should consider using this pic as his profile.

Or maybe we should both just admit what happened and use this image provided via email by Joe's BFF.


Anonymous said...

Please don't bring up Joe V. I've read some of his "stuff" and he gives legitimate bloggers a bad name. All he does is use his blog to throw out personal attacks on public officials who are not registered Republicans. The guy is as shallow as a fry pan cover.

Frank the Plumber

PoorRichard said...

8:15, sounds like you know joe, too bad for you!

Joe V - said...

Wanna bet for 2012?
Joe V
Ps, I'm so loved:-0