Sunday, November 07, 2010

Hazleton on the hook for big bucks

Hazleton is facing $2.4M legal bill

My friend McGruff points out that this a misleading headline because no court has yet to rule on the attorney fee petitions. In fact it could be much higher.

The total bill the city could be forced to pay will be much higher, however, as that petition dealt only with legal work that was performed in the first round of the battle.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys will also be entitled to payment for work performed on the city’s appeal of Munley’s ruling, which was upheld by the Third Circuit on Sept. 9 this year, and its anticipated appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Payment of all fees was stayed pending final resolution of the case.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the city's insurance company doesn't have to pay for the reckless actions of Mayor Lou Barletta and then Senator Rick Santorum (R-VA). In September it upheld Judge Munley's decision that local governments can't make immigration law citing the supremacy clause of the Constitution. Mayor Lou said said back in September he will appeal the decision to the Supreme Court and incur even more legal fees. As far as I know that has not happened.

What the hell, it''s somebody else's problem now with Lou heading to Congress and Ricky running for President.


Anonymous said...

its amazing how barletta gets a pass on all the crap he has left for the people of hazleton. i find it funny that his communication guy on the campaign was also a reporter for the local newspaper. what it tells me is that his former buddies at the paper have given barletta a walk on these issues.

i mean what good has he done?

PoorRichard said...

The people knew Barlett's record and the disaster he created in Hazleton. He pushed the illegal ordinance knwoing it was illegal, he destroyed the pension plan with illegal spending, the ongoing Philadelphia sludge fiasco and he tried to use the water company to force local communities to pay for his blunders. All that being known, the idiot voters still decided to send a roockie Republican to Congress. Even with a Republican majority, Barletta will be lucky to get scraps. Idiots all!