Monday, November 01, 2010

Predictions: 119th, 120th and 116th State Rep races.

In the overwhelmingly Democratic 119th District I expect the Democrat to win the race to succeed John Yudichak. Gerald Mullary had a rally with Yuddy on Friday night that should seal the deal. Republican Rick Arnold has run a great campaign but I don't think he can overcome the registration numbers and Libertarian Brian Bergman will drain votes away from him.

The 120th race has been my favorite this cycle as I have got to know and like all 3 candidates. But then I am like the Will Rogers of the local blogosphere and all 3 have mixed it up in the comments of this blog. The story in this race is the Libertarian candidate Tim Mullen who got 2700+ signatures on his nominating petitions and has had enough financial support to open an office in Kingston. I don't remember a local 3rd party candidate ever being taken this serious. That being said Phyllis Mundy will be reelected and the real race is who will finish second.

State House Democratic leader Todd Eachus has been beat up pretty good over his rides on Robert Powell's jet this last week and his one TV spot attacks Tarah Toohill for her connections to the juvie brothers. He is worried. I think Eachus will hold on but this could be the surprise of the night. Got to love this spot that forced Eachus into a debate.

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