Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Predictions: The statewide contests

Everyone I talk to says Tom Corbett will be the next Governor and I have to agree. If that does comes to pass I hope he will be a better Governor then he has been a candidate. I'll forgive him the usual Republican claptrap about waste, taxes and regulations. There is going to be a big budget gap to be dealt with next year and we will see if he throws the rhetoric out the window and governs responsibly. There is no way he going to balance the state budget by cutting the number of cars owned by state agencies and some taxes will have to be increased. His stance on Marcellus gas drilling borders on criminal neglect. Dan Onorato would be a much better Governor and still may win, that's why we have elections.

In the Senate race I think Jose Sestak eeks it out against Pat Toomey. I really can't imagine having a Rick Santorum clone representing PA in the US Senate.


Pope George Ringo said...

Nobody asked me, but don't you believe we will have several Franken/Coleman scenarios as far as the races for the U.S. Senate are concerned?

PennPatriot Blog said...

Love the comment about Santorum Gort!

Gort said...

Santorum is runnig for President! A gift to bloggers everywhere.

Dana said...

Well, I'm pretty happy with the results!

When I went to bed, Joe Sestak was leading, but when I woke up, Pat Toomey had won. Paul Kanjorski can start filling out his application for his congressional pension, and the Republicans will now control both Houses of the General Assembly.

You should have known Lou Barletta was going to win: he looks like Michael Rennie in your favorite movie! :)