Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Drop a dime on your local School Director

A day after Wilkes-Barre Area School District Superintendent Jeffrey Namey testified before a federal grand jury probing the district the FBI is asking the public for help.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is seeking the public's assistance in an on-going criminal investigation in northeastern Pennsylvania. If you are a teacher, prospective teacher, employee or prospective employee of any kind who has been required to provide money, or anything else of value, to any individual in connection with being hired at any public school in northeastern Pennsylvania, or if you were denied employment because you refused to provide money or anything else of value for your prospective job, you may have been the victim of a crime and you are requested to immediately contact either Special Agent Richard Southerton or Special Agent Joseph Noone in the FBI's Scranton office at telephone number 570-344-2404.


Anonymous said...

I just saw a Walter Griffith political sign. For exactly which office is he running? The sign didn't say.

Anonymous said...

County Controller is the Office Walter is running for along with the ffice for Government Study Commission, the signs were his old ones that he is using up and the new ones will be out soon with the office listed on them...but the name is whats important to remember because he is a true taxpayer advocate..when it wasnt popular and still is today..Walter represented the taxpayers when he wasnt running for office an will continue to be a taxpayer advocate when he is elected tot he Controller's Office in November.

Zen said...

He is also running for school board.