Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nanda has a website

Nanda Palissery for Luzerne County Controller

My name is Nanda Palissery and I am running for Luzerne County Controller. As we all know, there are many issues in our current county government.
Of all candidates running for Controller, I am the most qualified to review and audit the legal aspects of the position.

The reviewing of contracts
Implementing the law as it pertains to county expenditures
Applying legal remedies for wrongs committed by any county entity (i.e. illegal spending).
I am familiar with the legal process and court system and know the proper way to implement and win a legal battle on behalf of the taxpayers of Luzerne County.

As Controller, I have a plan for
Open all county finances to the public
Tell the public what is proposed to be spent
Hold those who misspend taxpayer dollars accountable
Grant access to the office records on designated evening and weekend hours
Be available 24/7 as your controller


We have a beautiful courthouse building, but what's going on inside is ugly

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Anonymous said...

Just what we need in the Controllers Office two attorneys. The Controller has a solicitor to do the legal work for the County taxpayers and we pay him $40,000.00 a year to do this for the taxpayers.
"As Controller, I have a plan for
What is your plan for Accessibility ? give out your Blackberry phone number and Law Office phone number to the staff of the Office and the Commissioners?
Transparency would be show the me how you plan to keep your law practice and still run the Controllers Office ?