Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Luzerne County Judicial candidates websites

Pittston Politics has a poll asking who will be our next local lawyers to be elevated to the bench. So far Joe Terrana and Jennifer Rogers are in the lead.

As a public service I have wasted some time looking for campaign websites for all of the 17 hopefuls. Please let me know if I missed anyone.

Bill Amesbury

C.J. Bufalino

Gene Sperazza

Jennifer Rogers

Joe Sklarosky

Mike Blazick

Molly Hanlon Mirabito

Dick Hughes

Joe Terrana

Tina Polachek Gartley

Joe Musto

Daniel Zola

Tom Marsilio

Some of them are also on Facebook. The all say they are shocked and saddened by the conduct of the Juvie Brothers and few are pledging not to take campaign contributions from attorneys or their families. It seems like that that is the only issue in the race for the 2 open seats. I think events have shown that the problem is not taking money from lawyers before the election but when Judges take money from lawyers (and others) after the election.

Joe Terrana started running this ad a few days ago.

Terrana for Judge - "Stand"

If the other camps want to send me their TV spots I will be happy to post them.


Anonymous said...

just checked out the sites.. with all that is going on one of the judges is having an event at huntsville country club... that's what we need more elitist attitudes

Anonymous said...

correction one of the judge candidates

Anonymous said...

Please check out the Judge Candidate Joe Terrana, the entire family has contributed huge amounts of money to the retention fund of Mark Ciavarella in 2005. Go to the State Elections Page and do the research..This guy is bought and sold by the Old Boys network.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone in the commercial for Terrana a WASP?

Danny Bauder said...

Joe Sklarosky was the coach of my high school's mock trial team. I know he has done alot of work for the Luzerne County public defender, which is admirable. I learned alot from him in high school and if I was still registered to vote in Luzerne county, he would have my vote.

Danny Bauder said...

I missed Bill Amesbury on your list. Bill is the DJ for parking tickets in Wilkes-Barre, and during my time at King's I accumulated quite a few. Bill showed a broke college student mercy and gave me a lot of time to pay them off (which I did last fall.)

I would definitely vote for Bill if I could.

Anonymous said...

WASP? Ummm, at least three Italians in that commercial. Who taught you that Italy was a Protestant nation?

Anonymous said...

I just saw a Walter Griffith political sign. For exactly which office is he running? The sign didn't say.

Anonymous said...

County Controller is the Office Walter is running for along with the ffice for Government Study Commission, the signs were his old ones that he is using up and the new ones will be out soon with the office listed on them...but the name is whats important to remember because he is a true taxpayer advocate..when it wasnt popular and still is today..Walter represented the taxpayers when he wasnt running for office an will continue to be a taxpayer advocate when he is elected tot he Controller's Office in November.

Anonymous said...

Could you please add Tom Marsilio to the list:



Atty. Stephen A. Menn.

Gort said...


I added Tom.

I can't find a site for Steve Menn.

Norton The Blogger said...

Tony Lumbis is at

Walter R. said...

Absolutely right, Anonymous. One of the candidates is blatantly elitist, in the way he makes sure he sits on all the right boards in the area, dines at the finest restaurants in town, and tries to schmooze Rendell and whoever else will listen. He spends the tiniest fraction of his time in an actual courtroom and when he does, it's orphan's court, simply signing off on yet another child going into the C & Y system. He and his wife have five-star taste on a three-star income, so he desperately needs this judge's seat. Once the digging starts into the candidates' financials and such, this particular candidate will be removed from the running, I'm sure. The well-known family name won't be enough to see this one thru.

Anonymous said...

Could you please add Tom O'Connor to the list?

Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Rogers fundraiser at Huntsville Country Club was just that - an elitist, same "good old boys" network fundraiser. We need change, not the same old politics. And seriously, a "Fashion Show" fundraiser?

I decided to not vote for a "good old boy" - so I decided what Luzerne County needs is a strong, experienced woman on the bench.

I guess I'm down to Tina Gartley and Molly Hanlon... Leaning towards Gartley... based on her site, commercials, and conversations I've had with her at meet the candidates nights. anyone else thoughts?

Jennifer 4 Judge said...

I am a volunteer with the Jennifer Rogers Judicial Campaign. In responding to the above comment (Obviously a Gartley supported trying to bash her main opponent, Jennifer, please allow me to respond.

1. We(Jennifer Rogers For Judge) have NEVER had a fundraising event at Huntsville Country Club. WE have had only 2...

A)@The Music Box Theatre ($15 per person)


B)A Fashion Show ($50 per person).

2. The Fashion Show was a fun idea that her mother and aunt threw together. The people (no attorneys) that attendd had a great time.

Tina Gartly s the one that has had $250 a head cocktail parties.

She is also spending $100,000 + dollars for the primary.

Jennifer is spending around $25,000only.

Get your facts straight, or man/woman up and just say you support Tina. No need to bash Jennifer.