Sunday, April 26, 2009

Puppies and Politics

I was on WIlK with Sue Henry a few days ago and she suggested that I rename the site Puppies and Politics in order to appeal to a wider audience. I've been finding out that just about everybody that is interested in local politics reads my drivel so that is unnecessary. She mentioned that we have a really cute puppy and unknown to Sue he is 6 months old today. Sue is a class act, whenever I have been on the radio with her she gives me time to state my case unlike some of the other hosts. She mentioned the Cory O'Brien story that I broke last week and gave me time to explain how I got it. Now if she could just teach those kids on WRKC how to pronounce Wilkes-Barre. It's berry not Burrrrrhhhh.

We celebrated John Quincy Adams birthday today by giving him a bath. He celebrated yesterday by ripping off Mrs. G's steak from the grill. I will never hear the end of that one.

More Puppy pictures can be found on my Facebook page.

Ptolemy was not impressed by all the hoopla.


Anonymous said...

G i think you are the only person who listens to WKRC(except when the priest reads the paper)

When i went to King's they did not even have it as the station on in the Cafeteria or Student Center

Gort said...

I listen to WRKC and the other college stations whenever I'm in the car. No commercials, format or play lists so the students can pretty much play whatever music that interest them. I highly recommend it.

Big Dan said...

Congrats again, like being mentioned in the WaPo. Your dog got big!