Friday, July 31, 2009

Idiot watch

An update.

Remember the guy that was driving around Pittston last year with a sign on his truck that said "If your (sic) in America and can’t speak English, get the Fuck out."

Well I'm sure it will not shock you that he is suing the cop that cited him for disorderly conduct and anybody else that he thinks that might have deep pockets. He was never prosecuted because the charge was dropped but claims his right to free speech was violated for receiving a ticket in the first place. I agree with that. The police should have never cited him for expressing his opinion even if he used a swear word.

If he left it at that I could be on his side but he alleges that the ticket resulted in damage to his vehicle, including a shattered rear window, slashed tires, a creased bumper, a broken mirror and scratches and dents. He also alleges he suffered an attempted knife attack by a woman and was forced to install security lights on his house. I never heard or read a report of this assault. Hughestown Mayor Paul Hindmarsh said he doesn’t think the retaliatory acts cited in Decker’s complaint were related to the citation.
“I think it was a personal issue he had with his neighbors, to the best of my knowledge.”

A commenter on my last post about Joe the pickup owner made a great point:

...the real humor in the sign is that those who can't speak English would not be able to read his message and follow directions. At the very least, "Joe" should have listed his declaration in Spanish.

Si tu en América y no pueden hablar Inglés, obtener la mierda a cabo.



There are several similarities to this incident and the Professor Gates incident. Cops just don't appreciate it when you bruise their egos and mouth off to them. It's an easy way to end up in jail, but thankfully, the rule of law prevails.
Maybe this poster dude is an ass, but I applaud him for his lawsuit since, perhaps, it will discourage some cops in the future from wasting taxpayer money just because their stupid egos have been damaged.
Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with cops, so long as they are good cops. Let us be honest, however, and admit that there are a lot of jerks out there who are wearing a police uniform. It's just too damned easy to pass the ACT 120 testing. We need to conduct our vetting system for local cops much the way we do for State Police officers. Sure there's always bad apples but the vast majority of State Troopers are decent cops; the same cannot be said for locals.

Anonymous said...

I like Joe Decker and know him from a few years back

He should have not used the F bomb or replaces it. The police officer was right to cite him and then see what happens and the citation got dropped so no big deal.

Also I bet people slashed his tires and all had no idea he was cited. If you want to say crazy stuff(I agree with Joe's ideas, but not his "stategy") Its like someone has a right to burn an American Flag, But I have the right to rough them up a bit (some bruises nothing that requires a hospital visit)

David Yonki said...

This guy is a piece of work. A morning talk show host today called him a sissy. He's so much more than that!

Anonymous said...

Kevin Lynn calling someone else a sissy? If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black... Someone was calling poor old Kevin and he had to bring him to court. What is the difference.

Mean Old Man said...

Mr. Decker is one fine young man. Yet, another victim of the Obama Justice Department.

Austin said...

I'm taking an American History class for the first time in most of a decade and its amazing how the same arguments against immigration were against almost every ethnic group we have in this country.