Friday, July 10, 2009

Radall Terry was in town

FORTY FORT -Terry, the 50-year-old founder of the anti-abortion organization Operation Rescue – known for promoting civil disobedience – was at The Beer Deli in Forty Fort to urge people to join his fight against the confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor...Sotomayor has not publicly disclosed her stance on Roe vs. Wade.
It was less than an overflow crowd. I should have brought some bricks so the people in attendance could hit themselves in the head with them because that would be more effective in defeating her confirmation. Of course he passed the hat and got a few bucks which is what this was really about.
He had this to say about the murder of Dr. George Tiller:
CNW: "Dr. Tiller was a mass murderer...But even Mr. Tiller - like other murderers - deserved a trial of his peers, and a legal execution."
So much for being "pro-life."
A question for my anti-abortion friends. Do you really think that if a law is passed it will end the practice? or will it double the casualties? For as long as there have been people walking the earth ways of ending an unwanted pregnancy have been known. The difference is today that it can be done safely without coat hangers or dangerous drugs.
Another question. If a woman decides to have an abortion and you consider it murder is it 1st degree murder since it is premeditated? The punishment for 1st degree murder is the death penalty or life in prison. So how long should she put in jail or should she be subject to a "legal execution?"


Anonymous said...

jail... human life is sacred at all ends of the scale..

Stephen Albert said...

I wonder what kind of lifestyle Mr Terry enjoys? Does he have a nice house and car as a result of his crusading against abortion? I'm somehow thinking that Mr Terry is not living the life of John The Baptist. Yes, one could almost think that Mr Terry is profiting from abortion in a sense.

Anyway, I personally can't see how anyone can be "for" abortion, but criminalizing it will only make the situation worse. Want proof? See our nations wildly unsuccessful "war" against illegal drugs.


I will respect any politician who backs jail time for a woman who terminates her pregnancy. Of course, most of the pro life politicos are only grandstanding and do not prescribe to the BS they are spewing. I guarantee you if a situation of an unwanted pregnancy was in their own backyard they would change their tune. Much the way Cheney changed his tune on Gay marriage after he left office (his kid must have really been in his face on that one). What with all of the bible thumping Republicans being caught up in sex scandals (for which they crucified Clinton) both gay and straight (and sometimes kiddies), etc. it is quite clear that the Republicans are the "Do as I say not as I do" party.
Does anyone really believe that if Randall Terry's kid was raped and impregnated by a Muslim that he would secretly ship her to an abortion clinic?? Of course, that also applies to all the other "moral Americans", but that goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

The women is another victim the doctors should go to jail as the murderer( I am against DP except for terrorist, gang members(leaders) and cop killers). Also if Abortion was illegal the numbers would atleast be cut in half. It is important to change hearts, but it is hard when the law says it is OK to kill a baby and in some cases fund it.

The drug comparison is not legit. Because one can change their life after smoking crack, but abortion is irreversible, the baby is gone and the woman is permanently scared.

Big Dan said...

Who is Randall Terry?

Big Dan said...

In terms of the political theory involved, the basic question is a stark and simple one: if you cannot control your own body, what other rights can you possibly have? If your body is not yours, what does it matter if you can freely express your political and religious convictions?

Big Dan said...

Below: Randall Terry says that murdered doctor Tiller "Reaped What He Sowed," I Won't Tone Down Rhetoric (VIDEO)

Big Dan said...

Randall Terry: “Our mission is to recruit, train and unleash the next generation to crush child killer”

Big Dan said...

Anyone find it ironic, the Beer Deli makes profits on selling alcohol?

Big Dan said...

The "dirty little secret", is that they are ALSO against birth control. Everyone ignores this!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of secrets - have you heard about the racist of abortion ? If associations label a person, then why do pro-abortion people love Margaret Sanger who enjoyed speaking to the KKK and was a promoter and a member of the American Eugenics Society. Sanger founded Planned Parenthood and one of their centers in Arkansas was a renamed Eugenics Society center in 1945. Many of PP's board members were members of the Eugenic Societies - even former President Alan Guttmacher was a Vice President of the American Eugenics Society. SO - Call a spade a spade and look at your beloved: Planned Parenthood for a change. For proof watch a new highly documented film on this subject called: maafa21. Check it out here:

The Much Maligned Anonymous Poster said...

Abortion will never be outlawed for the same reason we will never have national heath care. It is a wedge issue.
The republicans had the White House, the House of Rep, the Senate and the Supreme Court for 6 years. Is abortion still legal? Of course it is. The republicans would have nothing to run on.
Same with health care. If we get national healthcare the dems will not have a rallying point. Besides, if we got it and it failed, the Dems would be out of office for ever.

J. said...

1. No, it will not end the practice but minimize it significantly. You'll still have people looking to make a profit on the deaths of fetuses. In Ireland, abortionists take women offseas on a boat to perform the abortions.

2. I'd say second degree murder. Life in jail. The majority of anti-abortionists are pro-life -- not pro-death.

Stephen Albert said...

"The drug comparison is not legit. Because one can change their life after smoking crack, but abortion is irreversible, the baby is gone and the woman is permanently scared."

According to the University of Maryland ( user of Crack can be come chronically addicted after the first use. Now not every woman who has an abortion is permanently scared...nor is every user of Crack an addict...but an addiction to Crack could also have a "permanent scar". So much for that fallacy.

Look, the "end justify the means" test can be used to justify ANYTHING, so most ardent abortion foes can justify anything that reduced the number of "babies killed". Taking a more rational step back, my point is this: if you seriously want to reduce the number of abortions, simply criminalizing it will only do so much. If criminalizing something is all it took to eliminate it, then we wouldn't have any drug addicts.

Also, I find it very interesting that some of the most strident abortion foes...such as those within the Catholic Church...are also against birth control. That seems ever so contradictory, unless of course you take the tact that what the Church is after has more to do with Control of the masses than it does anything else.

Anonymous said...

I pissed off an old dude the other day and we had the following exchange.

Old Dude: I wish it was 30 years ago!

Young Dude: Why, so you could beat the crap out of me?

Old Dude: NO, so that I could find your parents and pay for the abortion!!

Anonymous said...

Big Dan on ur right to body argument, I would say that if one does n ot have a right to life to be born what is the point of having rights

On the Church's opposition to Birth Controll I belive the Church is not stronlgy supportive of banning it(Though I am sure they would not mind such a law), but belives it morally wrong and does not belive that public funds should be used to pay for it

Now for some levity.

On Sex Education instead of handing out condoms we shoudl teach girls that they should not have sex with men who cannot affor condoms.

While arguing why abortion is a legislative not constitiaonl issue scalia laid down the normal arguments why it is not a right and also that the 14th amendment does not outlaw abortion. His last point was if it was legislative there would be compromises instead of absolutes. These co po mises would "split the baby"

The Scranton Guardian said...

It should be interesting how Bob Casey will vote on the Sotomayor confirmation,he could be denied communion.

Dana said...

Our esteemed host asked:

A question for my anti-abortion friends. Do you really think that if a law is passed it will end the practice? or will it double the casualties? For as long as there have been people walking the earth ways of ending an unwanted pregnancy have been known. The difference is today that it can be done safely without coat hangers or dangerous drugs.

You just answered the question, though you might not have realized it: by saying it would "double the casualties," you have, inter alia, said that abortion kills someone.

If abortion were made illegal, there would be fewer, not no abortions. We don't say that murder or rape ought to be legalized because having them illegal does not prevent all murders or rapes.

I would have abortion be classified as first degree murder, with the penalty for all involved -- the woman, the abortionist, the assistants, the man who paid for it, all of them -- imprisoned for life without the possibility of parole. That would snare a few people, but it would really serve as a deterrent.

Tony Thomas said...

Such harsh policies Dana will not deter abortion and I can guarantee that any politician who supports that position would commit political suicide.

The threat of imprisonment or death is not a total deterrent to committing a crime. For example numerous studies show that the death penalty does not deter homicide.

We can look at the number of indivudals imprisoned on drug charges to see that harsh prison sentences vis-à-vis the War on Drugs, does not deter drug use or drug related crime.

Therefore, asserting that harsh and draconian measures in regards to abortion will not deter the number of abortions.

If you illegalize abortion and force women to see unsafe abortions, you will be responsible for the deaths of women. In 1932, when abortion was illegal, studies conclude that unsafe abortions amounted to the deaths of 15,000 women annually. Some studies put the number between 5,000 and 10,000 yearly. That was 1932. I can imagine that the number would be much higher in 2009 and beyond.

In New York in the 60s, illegal abortions accounted for 42% of the maternal mortality rate.

When abortion was legalized, there was an improvement to the health of women. In New York City, the maternal mortality rate dropped by 45%.

Since 1981 the rate of abortions performed per 1,000 women has dropped by roughly 10%. I believe that you can accredit an increase in contraceptive availability and use to those statistics.

Having abortion legalized improves the health of women.

Besides, can you imagine the sheer number of individuals locked up under your suggestion?

In 2006-2007 there were an estimated 1.2 million abortions. That is approximately 1.2 million women that would have to be prosecuted by law. Not to mention the doctors, the payers, the nurses, and hell why not the clinic staff as well if we are going gung ho? So that is well over 1.2 million people being involved.

By 2011 the prison population will increase by 13%, resulting in an increase of more than 1.7 million Americans in jail. The cost to taxpayers would be roughly 27.5 billion dollars.

So not only would you be exponentially increasing the number of Americans imprisoned, but you will be costing the taxpayers billions of dollars to imprison them, prosecute them, provide public defenders when need be, pay for their terms in prison, and clog up the trial system.

Then we have the issue of prison overcrowding. We would have to let some people go. Prison overcrowding has resulted in early releases for many criminals.

Anonymous said...

Jedi, the number of Abortions would greatly reduced if it was made illegal. And pro lifers considering getting one women to change her mind a victory.

Abortion cannot be compared to drug use or traditional forms of murder.

Unlike Dana i do not think the woman should go to jail, just the Doctors and the enablers. I believe the woman are victims and it is the role of the law to guide them in the right direction when they are stressed. I am certina we have all thought of doing the wriong thing in stressfull situaions and our imperfect consiecnedid nto stop us but feaR OF THE LAW DID.

I am certain if Abortion were illegal the numbers of these people would greatly be reduced. sO THE OVERCROWDING is not a real issue.

Tony Thomas said...

Prison overcrowding is still an issue that needs to be addressed. If you are arresting doctors and enablers that is still too many people who should not be going to prison which is going to continue to overcrowd prisons.

The number would drop, however the number of women still seeking abortions would be significant and having abortions be illegal would only cause women's health to deteriorate. So called "pro-life" individuals do not have a problem with putting a woman's life in danger, which would occur if abortion is made illegal.

I wonder how many conservative "pro-lifers" support more funding for children's healthcare, education, and well-being. How many are committed to improving the quality of life in America? Or is abortion just a wedge issue for them to gain power?

Anonymous said...

Jedi the US Conference of Catholic Bishops generally supports all of those things. The support S Chip and School Choice would would help education in the inner cities. it is a shame Obama and the Dem in Congress(including Casey) took away the DC voucher program that sent kids to private and parochial schools. I think this action causes more abortions because now these kids have less hope. Also if a girl gets pregnant in DC public school she is probaly told to drop our or get an abortion but at John Carrol, the high school were most of the voucher students go(It is the only one that is similar to the voucher amount the others are more expensive) the girls is still loved an referred to a crisis pregnancy center.

And many pro lifers support giving government funds to crisis pregnancy centers. Since planned parenthood turns a profit they do not need as much government money so it should go to the centers.

One last point. Albert Pujlos is Pro Life. He is the best baseball player in the decade and probably better than anyone in the 1990s. Since this is America and he is not a citizen all important questions are decided by him and with advice from his council (Roy Holladay, Chase Utley, Joe Mouer,) I have no idea what thier opinion on the matter is so we go with Alberto's

Big Dan said...

Giving the power to the government to control woman's bodies, is the same control to force families to only have one child, too. Government: KEEP OUT!

Big Dan said...

Also, I don't give "right to lifers" the time of day. As they overwhelmingly are: for the death penalty, NOT protesting the wars, etc...

I can't take them seriously at all.

Big Dan said...

And the dirty little secret, is they're also against BIRTH CONTROL, when you press them.

Ask Randall Terry if he's against birth control!

Big Dan said...

Ask Chris Hackett if he's against birth control.

Big Dan said...

Ask ANY of them, if they're also against birth control! Don't stop at abortion, dig DEEPER!

They'll dodge the question. They think it's a human at conception, and that's "murder", too. They're NUTS! They're religious FANATICS!

Big Dan said...

What's "C-Street"?


Watch this video:

The Family

Big Dan said...

"it is a shame Obama and the Dem in Congress(including Casey) took away the DC voucher program that sent kids to private and parochial schools"

"vouchers" are GOP talk for "privatizing education", we see how well privatizing everything went under the Bush administration.

"School Vouchers" = code for "privatize schools"

Maybe Wal-Mart will open up a school, then.