Wednesday, March 17, 2010


In 2008 not one of our Democratic members of the PA State House from Luzerne County had a Republican opponent. This year all 6 seats that that I keep track of will be contested in the fall.

The only open seat is the 119th District were we have Republican candidate Rick Arnold and 3 Dems in what promises to be a spirited primary to succeed John Yudichak who is running for the State Senate. The Democratic contenders are recent Controller candidate Bob Morgan, Bear Creek Surpervisor Gary Zingaretti and Attorney Gerald Mullery.

In the 12oth Phyllis Mundy will be facing Republican West Pittston Mayor Bill Goldsworthy and Libertarian Tim Mullen.

Majority Leader Todd Eachus has represented the 116th since 1997 and now finds himself up to his ass in alligators over the Bonusgate scandal. He will have to get past Republican attorney Tarah Toohill in the fall.

Pittston Rep Mike Carroll had a primary challenge from young PJ Best 2 years ago in the 118th but no opposition in the fall. Republican Terrance O'Conner will not get him a free pass this time.

Eddie Day Pashinski defeated former reformer Christine Katsock (we dodged a bullet there) in the 2006 election to succeed Kevin Blaum who was one of the best people we ever sent to Harrisburg. Fellow Plains Twp resident Jim O'Meara will snag the Republican nomination in the 121st.


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Eachus, never represented the 121st.... and his ass is where? if there was an issue wouldnt Corbett have called him in the veon trial?

Tarah Toohil, you need to qualify her being a Republican, she was a Democrat her whole life, lives at home, works in Kingston, she is anything but a candidate....

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Don't look for any canges among the sitting Representatives. Especially don't think for even a moment that Goldy has a prayer. Phylis is there for the people, she fights the big insurance companies and she gives great service to her constituents. I will not lvote against her.

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If Lou Barletta had 1/2 a brain, and we know he doesn't, he would have run against Eachus. He would have easily won.