Friday, March 12, 2010

You Tube weekend

We are inspired by each other. Blog buddy Steve of Not Cease From Exploration today wrote a about dispute between the record company EMI and the band Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd won the argument.

A long time ago I travelled from Omaha to Los Angeles to see the Pink Floyd Wall show and then got to see it in London a few months later. It was the best rock concert I have ever seen.

EMI has had disputes with other artists such as the Sex Pistols who wrote a song about it.


Anonymous said...

I saw Pink Floyd 4 times. They were awesome. I still have a sweatshirt I bought in 1994 and love wearing it. That's how I ended up with Gort. All because of a Pink Floyd sweatshirt.

Stephen Albert said...

Thanks for posting the Pistols video, you forget just how raw music could be until you watch Johnny Rotten & company in action.