Monday, October 11, 2010

I was polled!

I just got a call from a young lady that said she was working for the Tarrance Group and asked for me by name. I think this is first time I have been contacted by a Republican polling outfit. The questions were straight forward and the poor girl had to put up with my smart aleck answers. She read the questions then asked me chose from a list of responses but of course I had to ad lib.

The first question asked if I was likely to vote this November, that was an easy once since I have never missed an election since 1978. Do I support the Democratic agenda or favor a check on them? The Dems have done enough to check their own agenda by caving in to Senate Republicans. Favorable opinion of Lou Barletta and Paul Kanjorski, Yes to both. I like both gentlemen. Does Kanjo deserves reelection or is it time for someone new? I'll take the devil I know.

Have I heard about or seen anything about Lou Barletta's campaign? I explained that I'm a political blogger that has seen every commercial, read every news story and get press releases from his camp just about every day. I added that I go to his events when my schedule allows it and often had a beer with him afterward. Lou is a great guy and has one of the thickest skins of any politician I have ever met. I bash him on my blog but he doesn't take it personally so we discuss more important things like baseball and family.

Having heard about Lou Barletta am I more or less likely to vote for him? Less.

She finished with some demographic questions such as age, education and past voting habits.

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D.B. Echo said...

" I'll just mark you down in the 'Yes' column." I'm pretty sure that's how things ended when I was polled a while back.