Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kanjo responds to terrorists

In this image taken moments after the shooting, (from left foreground) House Pages Bill Goodwin, Paul Kanjorski, and Bill Emerson carry a stretcher bearing a wounded Member to a waiting ambulance. Photo from the Office of the Clerk.

I was recenetly talking with a DC type who reminded me of this incident.

On March 1st, 1954 the United States Capitol was under attack and five Members of Congress were shot....Future Representatives Bill Emerson of Missouri and Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania were among a group of Pages who helped to evacuate wounded Representative Alvin Bentley on a stretcher.

Currently representing Pennsylvania’s 11th District, Congressman Kanjorski (D) was 16 at the time of the shooting.


Anonymous said...

16 at the time of the shooting??? So he's been in Washington at least 56 years???? Oh yeah, he's one of us. He's soooo in touch with this area. Let's face it. He's just smarter than everyone here. He know's all he has to do is show up before elections with giant checks and remind everyone of the two places he helps keep open that employ people with taxpayer money. He'll keep getting elected over and over again. He's never created a private sector job. Doesn't have to. He plays the game and the dullards keep nodding their heads yes about all the "good" he's done and keep voting him in.

Not Bill Fitz said...

lets not make this partisan. he did a good job as a house page that day

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Paul Mini Me Maher please vote for Kanjo because I just need to keep my job so that people could still go around and kiss my ring.

Gort said...

Mini Me guy

Please join in the discussion of who should be the next rep from PA 11. But this constant attack on Paul Maher puzzles me. Please email me your allegations/charges/inuendo

Anonymous said...

Okay, the first commenter: A show of heroism at 16, and you can't even acknowledge it as such? You're just a Barletta e-troll. I'm not the biggest Kanjo fan, but he's got it where it counts when it matters most. What's Barletta done that's done any good for the people? Generating fear of people because they happen to be a little darker skinned than the rest of us doesn't count.

Next, to the Paul Maher basher... what's your beef with Paul Maher? He seems to be a decent person... is that a hint of jealousy I detect?

Finally, I didn't want Kanjorski to win, originally, I wanted Corey O'Brien, who is just plain awesome and a caring, compassionate, and smart citizen. I felt he would have been great to fill Kanjorski's shoes. Now, even though Kanjorski won the primary, and even though he was my first choice, he still has my support because the thought of Lou Barletta in Congress makes me want to vomit my breakfast up. He and Marino are absolute shams.

Good for Paul Kanjorski for stepping up above his call of duty at 16: Most 16 year olds today are too busy facebooking and texting to even want to be a House Page.

Barry O'Connell said...

Paul Kanjorski has been there when we needed him. I do not like evrything that he he does but he has caried the load for us. Barletta does not seem to have much substance to him. I also note that the atttackers and malcontents do not sign their names.
best wishes,
Barry O'Connell

McGruff said...

Great job Paul Kanjorski on that day. Why do we have to take a constant swipe for everything he does? I don't see the necessity in this one.

Bob Kelly said...

Been there when we needed him??? Okay, again, other than Tobyhanna and the VA, (which I might remind all of you do NOT employ everyone in NEPA) what has he done for us when we needed him?
In the past 23 years NEPA has become a recepticle for gangs and drugs and wefare junkies while decent jobs have gone away and our youth leave the area.
What has he done????? Enlighten me. I'll admit if I missed something. Remind me.

Anonymous said...

Okay... I keep reading these comments and I'm terribly confused as to what issues you are all using to vote... One of you said that Paul Kanjorski has "been there when we needed him." What does this mean? Can you be a little more specific? Does he flit about rescuing kittens from trees, helping old ladies cross streets, and adopt puppies from shelters? Was there particular legislation you liked? Or did you have a good experience with him? And when one says that Lou lacks "substance," what does that mean? What sort of substance?

FYI, you guys should look at Kanjo's voting record. He voted to reinstate the Patriot Act earlier this year, as did Chris Carney. If you don't like the alternatives, at least give Carney and Kanjo a call and express your thoughts. That is an issue that merits a discussion. There is supposed to be another vote on this early next year. A lot of people were frustrated about the watch list snafu in September. Here's a link with the Patriot Act voting info:

Anonymous said...

If Tobyhanna and the VA would have been shut down, the ramifications would have extended far beyond those employed there. Many business service both places directly or indirectly. Many food places and entertainment venues would suffer.
it is a ripple effect.
All that said, I'm voting Lou