Thursday, October 14, 2010

Local Vet defends W-B VAMC, thanks Kanjo

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Recently I read a negative comment with regard to the service quality of the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center and Congressman Kanjorski.

From the early 1990's I only used the VA for treatment of my Glaucoma. I think my VA doctor is outstanding and he is my choice as a care giver. In a personal effort to not overload the VA services, I try to use my Medicare in private care as often as possible.

For several years I have been under treatment for arthritis by my private Rheumatologist. The first options were monthly shots that would cost me $1700. Not able to afford this monthly treatment, my private doctor arranged an intravenous treatment of Remicade given every 8 weeks and my total cost was $2.00. As of January, the pharmaceutical company increased my deductible from $2 to $300 and no explanation offered. A $300 deductible every 8 weeks was pretty tough so I asked the VA if they could help me. After the VA doctor ran the appropriate tests, he asked me if Remicade was my first choice and I explained the problem. He suggested what he believed would be the best treatment (Enbriel) for my condition which is a weekly shot I administer myself. What would have cost me $1,700/month now cost me $8.00 per month thanks to the VA. I have several friends who also use the VA and none of us have a complaint so for anyone to bad mouth the treatment veterans receive at the Wilkes Barre VA is totally off the wall.

I'm not alone in singing the praises of the VA, many benefit from it. Just a few short years ago, our local VA Medical Center was under attack and was in danger of being closed and moved elsewhere. Congressman Paul Kanjorski used his seniority in Congress to fight to keep the VAMC in Wilkes Barre just as he fought to keep the Tobyhanna Army Depot open which is now actually expanding. Twenty years ago, it was Congressman McDade's seniority that kept Tobyhanna from closing. For the people who scoff at Congressional seniority, all I can say is, you just don't get it!

Without the Wilkes Barre VA, I would be living a life of excruciating and debilitating pain.

Thank you Congressman Kanjorski and I'm sure I'm not the only veteran who appreciates having a VAMC in our back yard.

Wil Toole,
US Coast Guard veteran with 4 years of active duty sea service.


McGruff said...

With all due respect. My father was a WWII Vet who received care at the VA Hospital facility in Wilkes Barre.
Kanjorski had nothing to do with keeping that facility there. Your praise for the facility is duly and properly noted. Kanjorski's fake credit is also duly noted. Ask Kanjorski to produce the documents to prove he kept the VAMC in Wilkes Barre from closing.

Anonymous said...

McGruff, You;re a great example of what Mr Toole said about some people just not getting it. I guess Congressman McDade also had nothing to do with keeping Tobyhanna open? Let me tell you something Mac ..... I WORK THERE! I'm looking at retirement and I thank God that we had Congressmen with seniority. Dan Flood brought us great stability with the Depot and the VA, McDade was crucial in fighting off that crazy Newt and his buddies who tried to move the Depot. If you don't think that Kanjorski and Congressman Murtha had nanything to do with keeping the VA here then you're smoking dope. Mr. Toole was right, people like you just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

And the thousands who work at Tobyhanna and the thousands who receive medical care at the Wilkes Barre VA thank God for each and every one of them. Obviously, you never gave your country one day of service so it is easy for people like you and McGoof to be ungratweful. Wyoming Valley would be better off without ether of you.

Anonymous said...

Lightening rods like Wil Toole and Kevin Lynn will only hurt our retention of Congressman Kanjoski.
I have to ask, does the Congressman desire to lose?

Anonymous said...

To 4:16 PM, Every time Wil Toole makes a public statement, you feel compelled to make a negative comment about him. Wil is a personal friend of mine and let me tell you Jacko, the people who know Wil and even those who don't know him personally can tell you that he steps up and offers the community positive leadership. Of course, you and people like you enjoy the opportunity to give him cheap shots. I can tell you without hesitation that if I were Wil Toole, I would simply walk away and let negative do nothings such as yourself take over and do what needs to done and say what needs to be said. I"m also a veteran of two years active duty in the US Army and I appreciate Wil using his time to speak up. You can just continue to hide behind the anonymous signature and have a ball with your stone throwing. Who gives a F ___ what people like you say?

Anonymous said...

Apparently somebody does not know what a lightening rod does. I'm not a farmer but I'm told lightening rods are used to protect the barn so I guess anon 4:16 is telling us that Wil Toole is a protector. I agree.

Anonymous said...

Good comment 3:59 PM, There are a handful of "can't get over it" wanna be politicians who are threatened by the mere existence of Wil Toole. Personally, I want to see more of him in government, he makes good sense.

Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago when it was raining 5 or 6 inches overnight, I slept like a baby. Given that I live very close to the river, this never was the case before the Congressman brought home the funds for maybe the most important infrastructure project this area has ever know. Thank goodness that this area had someone with seniority down in Washington. Seniority is currency there. Thank you Congressman Kanjorski for all the good nights of sleep. Keep bringing home such needed improvements for the good people you represent with vision and rank.