Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The transition

I've been on bit of hiatus for the last week or so and it may continue into the future as I decide if I want to continue to do this solo blog or sign on to another platform. Maybe I just might throw in the towel altogether. Mrs G points out that I get in this funk after my sports team or political party comes up short in the latest contest. Double whammy from the Phillies and the Dems this time.

Looking forward the Luzerne County government has been changed and we will now be electing 11 council members next year but not have elections for row officers. It's a new world in the land of the Wyoming Indians. In the near future (5 years) the new charter can be amended so the county executive can be elected and the council can be elected by districts if that is what the people want but we have to deal what is in front of us. The May 2011 primary election will have dozens of candidates running on both tickets then in the fall we may see a few Libertarians, Greens and independents in the mix.

Right now the transition committee of 5 home rule commission members and the sitting commissioners have to pick 3 people to help them out. 47 people applied for the 3 unpaid spots.

Some of the applicants from the TL that caught my eye.

The Yonk!

David Yonki, Wilkes-Barre, has a bachelor’s degree in government, politics, communications and marketing. David has written 3 books and is our local political historian. He writes one of the best blogs in Luzerne County.

Peter Gagliardi, Wilkes-Barre, has a master’s degree in government and politics. He has 17 years of experience with the federal government, 20 years as a freelance writer and has held various customer-service and sales positions in private industry.

Robert D. Seeley, Jackson Township, has a Ph.D. in economics and has been an associate professor of economics at Wilkes University since 1989. He was a member of the commission that drafted the proposed 2003 home rule charter.

• Betsy Summers, Wilkes-Barre, has an associate’s degree in animal science and has worked as territory manager for Midwest Veterinary Supply since 2005 and as manager of three rental properties since 1985. She was also a member of the commission that drafted the 2003 charter.

• Edward Chesnovitch, Jackson Township, has been an outspoken watchdog and served as treasurer of the Friends of Home Rule organization. He served on the township planning commission for 15 years and the Board of Auditors for four years.

• Susan Shoval, Kingston, has a bachelor’s degree in economics and was co-founder of GUARD Insurance Group. She is co-chair of the Luzerne County Diversity Commission and serves on other boards.

• Casey Evans, Lehman Township, studied political science, is second district chairman for the Luzerne County Democratic Committee, was a staffer for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and has worked on others.

• Charles Hatchko, Jenkins Township, worked as a correctional officer in the Luzerne County Correctional Facility for more than 16 years before retiring in 2006. He also has experience in union negotiations and in the trucking industry.

• Barry P. Finn, Swoyersville, worked as a television meteorologist for almost 25 years and later worked as a career school admissions director for seven years.

Victor Kopko, Hanover Township, has a doctorate in business administration and currently teaches college courses in communications, business and management part-time. He has owned and operated several businesses and has a pending lawsuit attempting to throw out the county’s 2009 reassessment.

• William M. Gagliardi, Ashley, has a bachelor’s degree in biology and has management experience, most recently as a supervisor with the U.S. Postal Service until December 2009. He recently passed a national certification exam for massage therapy.

• Raymond P. Gustave, West Wyoming, has a bachelor’s degree in biology and retired from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 2007, after 37 years of employment with the federal government.


Anonymous said...

Move to twitter; blogging is quickly becoming obsolete.

Anonymous said...

might as well hang it up. these blogs have no influence at all, though it would be sad to see you go.
you and yonk have the only regularly updated and reasonable blogs. so if you hang it up, the local bloggosphere will be left in the hands of conspiracy kooks and whiners like big dan

Dana said...

If you quit blogging, how will I continue to blame cold weather on you?

PoorRichard said...

And it didn't catch your eye that Giambre applied and he donated $500 to the Charter Yes committee? It will be interesting to see if he bought his place on the transition committee. If you missed this, maybe it is time you called it quits. The way I figure it, if you take the time to post your observations, you should take the time to examine the candidates details.

GOP said...

You will not be missed

Anonymous said...

Gort, keep doing what you're doing, and don't listen to the haters. They lash out because they know they're wrong.

That being said, they're are a few great names on that list and a few questionable ones. Haggerty already knows who he's going to pick -- he knew before any applicant sent a resume in.

If Giamber gets it, it's 100% reward for his work getting home rule passed, and the same can be said for a few others. For that he gets an F rating from me. Here is where I place the others that you pointed out:

Libertarian Betsy Summers: C
Democrat Ed Chesnovitch: D+
Democrat Susan Shoval: B-
Democrat Casey Evans: B+
Democrat Charles Hatchko: C+
Democrat Barry Finn: B-
Democrat William Gagliardi: D-
Republican Raymond Gustave: B+

Anonymous said...

Somewheres in the distance i hear a wolf crying.

John said...

Continue your great job. Don't listen to the haters.

Anonymous said...

so the 47 names have been reduced to 15 and aggerty's 5 member majority made the decision. Lots of transparency here, I can see right trhough it!