Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tuesday's winners

11th CD


83,422 45.5%


100,108 54.6%

10th CD

89,170 44.9%


109,603 55.1%

PA Gov


1,783,762 45.5%


2,136,901 54.5%

PA Senate

1,916,471 49.0%


1,993,908 51.0%


Brandon Halsey said...

It's sad to see Sestak lose. He fought so hard and came so close; alas, it was not meant to be.

PoorRichard said...

This was simply a warm up and after Toomey shows his true Wall Street greed feed, Sestak will come back like a lion. I hope that he stays in the public eye so none of his name recognition goes to waste. Toomy Doomed as 2012 looms.

Anonymous said...

Humorous post!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see Marino win, he really worked his ass off. Does that guy ever stop working?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Steve Urban get defeated - we need to get him out of government forever - bad man!!!

Anonymous said...

Listen, "Anonymous 6:27," I have no clue what your deal is except that you are an uninformed voter. You certainly have no interest in actual issues to make this claim. It is people like you who are the problem with the United States - you have no respect for civil liberties or the 4th Amendment. Maybe you don't know about this. Then again, it isn't my fault you did not do your research before you opened your mouth.

There was a bill - 621 - to protect Pennsylvania from the REAL ID ACT. REAL ID is biometric ID. The ACLU, EPIC, and others have taken issue with this and the sheer ramifications. I'm not going to post the ramifications here; you can do some research for a change.

Guess who voted against 621 - Yudichak. So now the DMV has my biometric data on my driver's license. Urban does not support biometric ID and neither does Betsy Summers. Here's the link for how everyone voted for this bill:

Before you walk into a poll, it is your duty to know this stuff! If you are happy Yudichak won, I can only conclude that you have no respect for our liberties and freedoms or you are just too lazy to do your research.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Marino Win. Carney was too liberal for our district. And his staff never got anything done. I have talked to many people who never received any help from his office.

Mister F. said...

Thanks Loreley,

Although I am not Anonymous 6:27, your post prompted me to research for more information. I found a page pretty much dedicated to blame the passage of this bill on Eachus alone!

Hmm. That page was sponsored by the "Campaign for Liberty". This organization was founded by Ron Paul, who, through his newsletter once said, "boy it sure burns me to have a national holiday for that pro-communist philanderer Martin Luther King."

Paul is the father of Senator elect Rand Paul, who wants to rescind parts of the civil rights act of 1968. He is the President of, and board certified by the "National Board of Ophthalmology", an organization founded by himself after he was nor recognized by the America Board of Ophthalmology. (Formed in 1912) Paul's wife is the vice president.

Now we are all more informed about the people who are informing you!

I too am happy that Mr. Urban is finished.

Anonymous said...

Dem's had their icon Byrd, a KKK member and you're calling a guy who simply believes gubberment should get out of our lives racist?

Anonymous said...

Mr. F.,

The discussion is about issues. You seem to be saying that anything Ron Paul supports is bad. What are you going to do if you discover he likes ice cream, puppies, and wearing shoes? Ron and Rand are also two different people. Do you have a source for the Ron Paul quote?

Your attempt at turning this into a Rep v. Dem argument isn't going to work because many Rs and Ds support the loss of our liberties. We have to look for people who don't support this stuff.

I'm a third party voter. I support the right to privacy. But no one looks at these issues anymore. I was saddened to see that Feingold - the only US senator to vote against the Patriot Act - was voted out. I support people like Ron Paul, Kucinich and whoever else will do what is right in regards to our freedoms. Find me a single politician who is a 100% perfect human being! There aren't any. If one digs fan enough, one can find something unsavory about everyone. But, one also has to make a decision at the polls. Issues and voting records are far more important.

So, if you like body scanners, warrantless wiretapping, biometric ID, etc., you're voting the right way.

Anonymous said...

Here are some links about the privacy issues relating to biometrics and voting:

Mr. F said...

Anonymous 10:10
I see the Paul letter comments about Dr. King as defamation of character and I completely disagree with how you see it.

Loreley, not all Ron Paul supports is bad.

The quote is from Wiki. If your intent would be to debunk that website, feel free. There are plenty on untruths on the internet which people accept blindly. Everything can be accepted as fact, but that doesn't make it so. Perhaps you'd concede that too.

However, when I see that Rep. Yudichak is summarily blamed for the failure of one bill, I wonder if you can see that he may like puppies, ice cream and wearing shoes.

I'll bet we can agree that we live in then greatest Country in the world, and I'll also wager we'll all be flying the flag on Veterans Day.

Anonymous said...
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