Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I watched the local TV news tonight

I usually don't because I work 2nd shift and it's geared to sensational reporting about fires, car crashes and cute stories about kids doing something for soldiers or some other worthy cause.

To me the biggest story of the day was the DEP granting Cabot Oil's request to stop delivering fresh water to people in Dimock but it got only a passing mention of about 10 seconds. It is tragic someone's house burned downed or lost their life in a auto accident but the long term threat to the health of the people of Dimiock and the rest of us deserved more attention.

Driller OK to halt water to Dimock

DEP: Cabot can stop delivering water to Dimock resident



Jennifer said...,0,6222460.story

Donald John Williams said...

Gort, my friend, we are on our own.

Anonymous said...

Is there a real revolution on the way? I"m ready.