Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rick Williams on the air

Independent Luzerne County Council candidate Rick Williams has a spot running on the local newscasts. I know that cost of a rating point in the NEPA market is lower than other areas but it is still expensive for a local campaign. I can't find a financial report for Williams at the Luzerne County election bureau and Nothington Post points out that he was a registered Democrat until March of this year.

This a traditional man in street and testimonial


Anonymous said...

Looks like all we've done is change faces. First of all, for Rick Williams to spend this kind of money on advertising for a job that pays 8 grand a year causes me to think Mr. Williams has ulterior motives and might very well be self serving. Right Rick, I don't trust any politician and now I don't trust you. As for Walter Griffith endorsing a list of candidates, I have to wonder just how big his head has gotten? Does he really belive that we give a dman who he supports especially the two Urbans? I think Walter needs some oposition for his next term, are you listening Bob Morgan and Wil Toole? I'm still waiting for Walter to release a report as to the status of the county audits and I don't understand why Gort and LuLac are not demanding them. Both supported Walter so let's hold his feet to fire. We the voters and taxpayers deserve to know what he has accomplished with regard to the coutny audits.

Tony Thomas said...

Probably gets his name out there better than some of these other candidates though.