Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Out of Iraq

A few days ago I asked Congressman Lou Barletta (R) and challenger Bill Vinsko (D) for a statement on the withdraw of US troops from Iraq.

The responses

From Barletta spokesman Shawn Kelly:

While Rep. Barletta is hopeful that, after more than eight years and more than 4,400 military lives lost, the war in Iraq can come to a conclusion, he’s very concerned that this withdrawal can be considered a strategic victory by America’s enemies in the Middle East and will embolden Iran. Rep. Barletta hopes that the decision to fully withdraw from Iraq was made with the consultation and support of the military commanders on the ground in Iraq and around the region. He hopes that every avenue for ensuring the continued cooperation between the United States and Iraq will have been pursued before the last American soldier leaves Iraq later this year. Rep. Barletta understands and appreciates the sacrifices made by American military families, and he wants to make sure those sacrifices enhanced security and stability in the Middle East.

From Bill Vinsko:

Hi Gort: I wanted to personally respond to your question:

I could not be more thrilled that our troops, and particularly our Pennsylvania Patriots, are coming home for the holidays. Iraq is transitioning from a sworn enemy of the United States to a fledgling democracy and an ally in the fight against terror, because of the heroism and hard work of our troops. In Congress I will work my hardest to open a new chapter of economic prosperity so that our veterans can find good, family-sustaining jobs in Northeast Pennsylvania, and the happiness they have certainly earned. Finally, while I am happy about our hard-working military personnel coming home from Iraq, I do not want anyone to forget those who will not be returning -- we are forever indebted to them and their families.

Thank you for contacting me on this issue.


Anonymous said...

Gort, it look like you lost your mojo. You got the challenger to comment but the Congressman ignored your request letting a press flack respond to a pesky blogger. Before you took a break that would not have happened.

Anonymous said...

Barletta wants endless war. Vinsko talks mush.

Anonymous said...

Barletta "hopes" there was consultation with the military? Why doesn't he know? He is a sitting Congressman and information is always available to him. He has a hard time hiding it but war means big money to private industry so of course he is reluctant to bring our involvement to an end. The sooner Barletta goes back to what ever it is he does in provate life the better for all of us.