Sunday, October 09, 2011

James O'Meara for Plains Township Commissioner

There a 3 spots up for election in my little burgh for township commissioner. 3 Democrats are on the ballot but only 1 Republican. The Dems are Brigid Murray O'Conner, Ciro Cinto and Ron Filippini. Well known names in these parts. I have never met Mrs. O'Conner but I'm sure when we do we will have a good time discussing her dad.

My pick in this race is my friend James O'Meara Sr. Nothing against the other candidates but I think it's about time a Republican is added to the board.

Vote James O'Meara Sr.
4) I will oppose gas drilling in Plains Township. That’s as plain as I can say it.

It will not be easy to win this November.

There will be three names on the Republican ballot, but I am the only Republican. (The others are write-in candidates.) That’s going to make winning a tougher nut for me to crack. I’ll need your help. Here’s what I ask:

IF YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN: Bullet vote for me and only me for Plains Township Commissioner.

IF YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT, INDEPENDENT, or OTHER PARTY VOTER : Consider giving me one of your three votes. If there’s someone on the Democrat side of the ballot who you find yourself unhappy with, vote for me instead.

It is time to have another voice on the Board of Commissioners. I ask that you vote for me. I'm an independent thinker, and I'm beholden to no one.


Anonymous said...

James O'Meara Sr, is such a solid person! Plains Twp needs a person like James, he has great ideas and will do good!

Anonymous said...

Support O'Meara because he has good ideas but to support him because Plains needs a Republican is such a stupid idea that for no other reason, you should not vote!

Pope George Ringo said...

Although I have no in depth knowledge of the race, when it comes to commissions it is always preferable to have at least on oppostion party member on board.
The term Watchdog comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

It should never be a party thing it should always be a qualification thing. That's what's wrong with politics.people should not be able to run without proper qualifications. That would solve alot of problems. Then may the best man or woman win. If You were going to get brain surgery wouldnt you want a competent, knowledgeable surgeon working on you or someone that was hired because they drive a nicer car then all the other surgeons?!