Sunday, October 23, 2011

Libertarians on the move

I've always had an interest in the minor parties and have criticized them for running candidates for President, Governor and Senate in races that they can't possibly win instead of concentrating on local races and building a bench. The local Greens seems to be defunct but the Libertarian Party has taken my advice and has a slate of candidates in the local elections. Whatever you think of the individuals I think it is an accomplishment that they are on the ballot. I like a choice in an election.

3 Libs are running for Luzerne County Council.

Mike Lacey

Brian Bergman

Tim Mullen

In the Wilkes-Barre mayor's race they give us Betsy Summers and Tim Russel want's to be the Mayor or something in Elmenton. Where is Elmonten?

Lou Jasikoff likes a CV headline It says “Libertarians have gotten their wish.” Here in Northeast Pennsylvania it is the Libertarian Party and candidates driving the bus. We are the story and the opportunities are enormous. All day, everyday the news outlets are talking about these races, and all day everyday not one, not two, but many Libertarians are being interviewed, and more often than not our candidates are on multiple shows each day.
We have opportunities like never before to ask questions like: "Let me phrase this in another way. Are you in favor of funding gang violence, are you in favor of funding terrorism? Of course you are not. But this is what America's drug policies do today. What is your solution?Throw more people in jail? Heck we can't keep drugs out of jail. 70% of women today are in jail for non-violent drug abuses. 4% of the worlds population and 25% of the worlds prison population. Is this the America you want?The list goes on and on, but hopefully you get my point. We know we are right on the issues, and given the opportunity we will succeed.

In the 2010 election for state rep Tim Mulen got 15% and if he can keep that support he may win a county council seat. He answered the questions but to him by LuLac.

Tim Mullen on Storm Politics


Anonymous said...

This guy Mullen just doesn't have a clue. He is afraid the county will not be able to afford the debt payments if interest rates rise. Does he know if the county has a fixed rate or is it variable? He said he prefers attrition through lay offs .... WTF?
He said he want to cut the budget and operating expense of the court system but I will bet anything that he doesn't have a clue as to what those expenses are. I have no doubt that he doesn't understand that there are court costs that are huge and the courts have no control because they are mandated to pay those expenses and the county has no say. The man just doesn't know or understand government and certainly does not deserve a vote from anyone who cares about good government.

Anonymous said...

Its Mike Lacey