Friday, December 01, 2006

Chris Casey for Lehigh County Commissioner

I usually stick to Luzerne County politics but when an outstanding candidate announces he running for office in a nearby area it's worth a mention. He ran a spirited race against for state represenative against a guy that my wife described as looking like "a creepy first husband" when nobody else would take him on. He sent this email to supporters:

Last year, after I was defeated for Upper Macungie Supervisor by Tom Gorr, I decided the only way I could lead the community and address my concerns positively was to run for an at large County Commissioner seat in 2007.Then, I filled the vacuum when no one wanted to challenge Doug Reichley,and received a 9 month crash course in the realities of hardball Lehigh Valley Politics. "sale' vie" That's life.

My defeat by Doug Reichley for state representative hasn't changed my belief that we need citizens on the Board of Commissioners who will work to improve our County's many communities with an eye on what economic and social conditions we can reasonably expect to exist in the next 20 to 30 years, not for how our economy and society function today. I don't see any reason why I should not attempt to be elected a County Commissioner. My family is behind me, and I realize the effort it will take. I hope that those of you receiving this email understand how important I think it is that we change the course of planning in the Lehigh Valley, and most importantly, that those involved in overseeing the needs of our area not be beholden to any one set of interests, but have their eyes and ears open to the input from and of the needs of the Valley as a whole.

I'm going to get my campaign organized before the end of the year, So I can start the New year off up and running. "Carpe Diem", Seize the day. I don't believe I have the luxury of waiting for someone else to take a lead.

Thank you- Chris Casey

I've never met the man but my Lehigh County blogger buddies highly recommend him. He's an active participant in the online debate posting his views at Democrat Barbarians at the Gate and the group effort True Democrats of the Lehigh Valley. If you're interested Green Dog Dem has a way to help out.

I hope to run into him over the weekend and report back.

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Greendogdem said...

yep and when you start asking for money everyone runs for the door