Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mario Fiorucci for Luzerne County Commissioner

Former Green Party candidate for Mayor of Sugar Notch Mario Fiorucci has announced he is running for county commissioner as a Democrat. It's got to be hard to lose an election to a crook and bounce back. He was a good sport about it even leaving this comment on one of my posts:

Thanks for the press about my race for mayor in Sugar Notch. I might have beaten the bad man if a crusader councilman didn't try to win with a write-in campaign. It caused us both to lose. The mayor who resigned in disgrace won with 76 votes, then the councilman with 68 and me, the Green Party candidate, Mario Fiorucci, with 57. History has eluded us again.

He hosts an annual State of the World Forum in his Sugar Notch back yard that somehow I was never invited. Some horrendous oversite that I'm sure will be corrected.

The TL covered his announcement but not the Commissioners Voice. The word has gone forth from our local Democratic overlords that the choice in this race is incumbent Greg Skrepenak and Controller Maryanne Petrilla. But being the contrarian that I am I don't accept that. I'm sure there will be more people getting into this race even as much as Skrep and his stooge try to discourage them.

Mario has a website up with the creative name of Mario Fiorucci for County Commissioner.

Here is his announcement:

Fiorucci to run in primary for County Commissioner

A long time Democrat before becoming a Green in 2000, Fiorucci said he will run for County Commissioner in the 2007 primary as a Democrat.

"After seeing what happened to Romanelli in his bid as a Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, getting the signatures required to run as an Independent is just too risky," said Fiorucci.

Mario Fiorucci earned an MA in government from Georgetown University in 1982. He had graduated with honors from College Misericordia in 1980. He returned to the area after working in the brokerage business from 1983 to 1995. His interest in regionalization and Home Rule government started with articles he wrote for his free public interest newsletter.

In 2005, Fiorucci was a candidate for mayor of Sugar Notch. The race was widely covered by the press and local TV news. More recently, Fiorucci has assessed the skills and management capabilities of local elected officials in various municipalities. Then in a 2006, PBS State of Pennsylvania forum, titled "Small town mayors, Big city challenges," he engaged the panel in a discussion of his theory that "without significant regionalization or consolidation among municipalities, a community college-based program of continuing education for elected officials should be established."

In response, the mayor of Sunbury concurred by stating that "as its’ been alluded to here, it (management by part-time elected officials) just doesn't work." The mayor of Kingston also said "a professional manager is necessary to solve the problem."

In assessing major county related issues, Fiorucci thinks the proposed $100 million prison proposal should be put on the ballot as a bond funding vote. He would also consider private prison management in an effort to control costs and pay down prison issued debt.

Regarding regionalization, Fiorucci wrote widely about establishing ‘Tax-Base Sharing’ programs among all municipalities. He also thinks that "Municipal Service Districts"should be enacted to create 'functional consolidation' among municipalities. A MunicipalService District would consist of five or more contiguous towns that have a combined population of more than 20,000.

Past articles or letters to the editor by Fiorucci can be found on Google by searching for:"Mario Fiorucci, Sugar Notch." He can also be reached at (570)-819-0721.


Anonymous said...

How can Fiorucci be a County Commissioner when the house he lives in and owns owes thousands of dollars in back taxes? How does he explain his being fired, for sexual assault of a female co-worker, from a mailroom in a brokerage house? While he was working in the mailroom, he was constantly drunk and told everyone in Sugar Notch that he was a stock broker. Fiorucci is a loser who feeds on constant attention. He was a loser on Little League, as a wrestler, he could never hang on to a woman, and no one likes him. And, he revels in that for though negative attention, it is still attention. He is a loser and will never be anything but a loser. We feel sorry for him. More to come.

Anonymous said...

Fiorucci was fired from every job he has held with the exception of when he was bagboy at Giant. Ironically, this only successful employment he had is not listed. When my associates and I contacted his previous employers, NOT ONE would recommend him for ANY form of hiring. Read his employment record! He hasn't done anything of any worth. By the way, he served as intern to AN INDIANA CONGRESSMAN! Not one member of Congress from Northeast PA would have him! He writes his bio as if he is the second coming of Christ but, as any one from da 'Notch or da 'Run knows, he is a very bona fide nutjob. Read his bio, he is so nuts, he rambles incessantly. The scary thing is, Fiorucci believes everything he writes about himself. More to come

Anonymous said...

My buds and me have decided that this nutcase needs to be exposed. We have contacted City Editor, Renita Fennick, at "The Times Leader" and City Desk Editor, Lisa Naperski at the "Citizen's Voice" with regard to Fiorucci's past employers, his chronic indebtness, his well documented erratic behavior, as well as the low opinion the community of Sugar Notch has for him. What is this "State of the World" stuff? How can Fiorucci comment and seek to change the problems of the world when his own personal world is a sham as well as in shambles? This person's behavior is quite frightening.

Anonymous said...

You will be well served to research Fiorucci's background a tad bit more. His resume` is fraught with misleading information. Contact his previous employers and you will find many holes in this psychotic's stories. Why was he not an intern for any local members of congress? Because his Jesuit cousin did not have enough local stroke and no locals would have Mario. He has been fired from every job he's held and he's done nothing of any worth for anyone. His building/house is very much in arrears in taxes to the tune of thousands of dollars. David, check this guy out for he is a bad penny.

Anonymous said...

Gort,Fiorucci is now a nervous wreck and more paranoid than usual because my friends and I are posting the truth about him. David Yonki of the Lu Lac Political Letter pulled Fiorucci's campaign bulls__t because Fiorucci could not explain the allegations. Why? Because they are not allegations, they are true. Please do not lend this psychotic neurotic and credance with your intelligent blog. He pulled our comments from his blog because they are true. Now, a person cannot comment on his blog at all. What kind of crap is that? That's right, you can no longer post a comment on his website. No one who has any length of contact with him has anything good to say about him for he is true sociopath. Do your own homework on him and find out for yourself. Do you think we would take all this time to dish an even reasonably decent human being like this? He is trouble and he still hasn't paid his property taxes. He is a loser all the way around.

Anonymous said...

Fiorucci's withdrawning from the Luzerne Co. Commissioner's race is the best possible news for the voters of Luzerne Co. He says that bad weather prohibited him from garnering the required number of signatures required to run. Where were his alleged supporters? Would not they have been out there working for him and gathering said signatures? NOT! He has no supporters, he is a loser as well as a quitter. He's quit or been asked to leave everything he's ever been involved in included Little League, his high school wrestling team, as well as most of his employers listed in his b.s. resume. Good riddance to this loser, quitter and all around nut job.