Friday, December 08, 2006

The Pennsylvania Society meets in New York

Not invited again. I know I'm not on any A list but this hurts. I understand why I never get a call from the White House on Veterans Day even after sitting by the phone all day but these people have some explaining to do.

Brunch, lunch, cocktail parties and dinner all sponsored by some special interest. There sure is a lot of food involved, sort of reminds me of pigs at the trough. There are those who question why it's in NYC and not PA. It goes back to the robber baron era when most of our industrialist did business there and wanted to have pow wow to discuss things. Last year the Philadelphia, City Council unanimously passed a resolution to bring the affair within the state's borders. But I'm a traditionalist and say leave it where it is. Another interested blogger will follow the procedings in traditional blogger attire.

If you can't make it to New York the guy with the big pig is having a potluck dinner in Harrisburg. I have a feeling this event will get bigger every year.

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Gort said...

Done. I was surprised by such a rude comment and glad to hear it wasn't you.
Toss me an email.