Friday, December 29, 2006

That's the ticket

Nothing is more annoying than having to pay to park my car but it's part of the law of supply and demand. One of the things that kills a downtown like Wilkes-Barre is the lack of parking. When I do wander down there I prefer to park at a meter instead of a dark, dinky garage and grudgingly pump a few quarters into the meter knowing I won't be very long. Now I find out that if I just used my Printshop program to create a business card I could have saved some change. The TL has a story about selective ticket writing that will piss off anyone who has fed a meter lately. The city fathers are pulling a Casablanca saying that they are shocked, shocked at the revelation. Bill Fitz and Tim have some thoughts on the subject.

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Anonymous said...

Now that we know that Wilkes-Barre Parking Enforcement employees were taking this upon themselves of their own volition (the City says that there was no policy in place that permitted these employees to overlook these cars), is the City Council/Mayor/whoever is responsible going to reprimend or dismiss these individuals? Who knows the amount of money they cost the city? I am going to request the names of the individuals from the City via open records request/RTKL and attempt to determine whether or not anyone working for the City Parking Enforcement is related to the Wilkes-Barre royal family by way of my new geneology project. Sh*t, I gotta find a hobby...