Sunday, December 31, 2006

The year in review-2006

What a year it's been in my little corner of world up here in Luzerne County. The good news is we didn't lose anyone from the family and our friends are all healthy. We love our family even though some are annoying and we cherish our friends, even the crazy ones. I can honestly say I don't think of anyone as an enemy and don't hate anybody. I'm truly thankful for that.

Doing this internet thing has brought more friends and no matter what your point of view I respect your opinion and your right to say what's on your mind. We may disagree but I've never got into a pissing contest with another blogger unlike what goes on with the big boys. I reserve my name calling for politicians.

In politics the highlight of the year for me was Chris Carney winning the 10th Congressional District and the Democrats taking back the House and Senate. The re-election of Rapid Edward was never in doubt as the state GOP forced out more capable candidates such as Jim Panyard and Bill Scranton. After Number 88 was nominated he could have went to Bermuda for the fall and still won by 10 points. Our immigrant from Virginia was sent packing by Boring Bob and Carl Romanelli provided some drama with his quest to make the ballot. As Ozzie said, I'd sell my soul for rock n'roll but not a ballot spot. After the payraise bru-ha-ha many of our state legislators retired or were defeated in the primary. But the games continue over who will be speaker. The PA legislature is the most disfunctional governing body I've ever seen. Maybe Russ Diamond had the right idea.

In Luzerne County three flooding events and a tornado overshadowed all the other news. Hugo Selenski was found not guilty of murder but convicted of abusing a corpse. Bush and Cheney came to the area to raise money for the Tunkhannock Strangler. Pocono Downs got slot machines and all our money worries are over. The Yankees replaced the Phillies as our AAA baseball team that resulted in the jackasses that run Lackawanna County coming up smelling like roses.

To my blog buddies, Thank you. I didn't even try to list you all as I'm sure I would omit someone.

On to 2007!

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