Friday, December 08, 2006

Luzene County payraise

"A friend of mine at church laughed the other day when I told him. He said, ‘I didn’t know you guys made that little,’ ” -Skrepenak said.

Another classic from Luzerne County Commissioner Greg Skrepnak coming on top of his "nonvisionary coal miner" crack that insulted many people. When you ran for the job you knew what it paid. Not to disapoint the other Bond Brother, Commissioner Todd Vonderheid, used the DeWeese argument:

"I think this would attract more people to run for this office. Whenever you have more choices, the taxpayers will be better served.”

Like there ever was a shortage of people who want to run for county commissioner.

When most of the people in this county make less than the $42,000 a year plus benefits the commissioners make it's a hard sell. Not that a payraise isn't justified as the salaries haven't been raised in along time for the commissioners or the row officers. Skrep thinks the state should mandate row officer salaries based on the size of counties. Not a bad idea but the legislature is not good on pay issues at the moment.

Skrep wants to punt the issue (I couldn't resist the football metaphore):

Skrepenak said he would support a referendum asking voters if they want to approve a pay increase.

I'm sure that would pass. I like Urban's approach:

Minority Commissioner Stephen A. Urban said he will base his decision largely on public feedback gathered during a special meeting that would have to be called to address the subject.

That will be a fun meeting.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I manage a warehouse and make more than that. How can they afford to live on 42+K? I guess the kids aren't in Catholic school!

Anonymous said...

When you add in all the little perks and of course their expense accounts, it's alot more than $42,000/yr. More like $80,000.

Anonymous said...

Vonderheid is a consultant on the side, he has more than the others and wow , the government doesn't pay a lot? Big secret? Isn't that the reason Tom Ridge left his post to go to the private sector, you will win everytime going private. Without Vonderheid who will pull Skrep's strings?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much its going to cost the tax payers when John Barry takes the county prison board to court on October 1,2007. Also why does the county have a Philladelphia attorney @ $400.00 an hour?, Dont the county have attorneys on their payroll. They must be scaird.