Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Get this man an abacus and a calendar

Or make him watch Sesame Street so he can learn to count to 10.

TL: A proposal to increase Luzerne County row officer salaries has officially died – for real.

Commissioner Todd Vonderheid said Tuesday that he didn’t realize that he could not count the day of the required public meeting – Dec. 29 – as part of the mandatory 10-day public notice.
He announced on Monday that he would get the meeting notice published Wednesday but said he learned Tuesday that it would be a day too late.

“It’s too bad,” said Vonderheid, who said he had freedom to spearhead the raises because he’s not seeking re-election in 2007.

So they couldn't put it to a referendum then announced a public meeting to do what they were elected to do. Make financial decisions. Then a convenient mistiming of the announcement of the meeting gets them off the hook on voting to raise their own pay.

No wonder things never add up.

Luzerne County will have to keep pumping $5 million to $6 million into the employee pension fund annually for several more years, the fund’s actuary said Tuesday. The gap is around $34.1 million as of the start of 2006, the Hay Group’s Hank Stiehl said Tuesday in an update for the county Retirement Board that oversees the fund.

Another candidate has announced his intention to run for commissioner.

SUGAR NOTCH – A longtime Democrat before joining the Green Party in 2000, Mario Fiorucci said he will run for Luzerne County commissioner in 2007 as a Democrat.
“I can’t run as an independent,” he said. “It takes to much ground work and getting the signatures to run as an independent is just too risky.”

Carl Romanelli proved that the challenge of getting signatures will make you do things you're not proud of later.


Anonymous said...

what is scary is how many people voted for him and skrep. totally inept indviduals that we will be paying for years from now....

Anonymous said...

Carl Romanelli is a closet Luzerne County Democrat. He does all that he can to please his Democratic handlers, including running the Luzerne County Green Party into the ground and embarrassing the State Green Party with his blood money campaign.

Good riddance Todd "The Talking Puppet" Vonderheid! Probably everyone in the County deserved the raise except for the three clowns... er... commissioners.

Nice, pension fund is in the red and there is a meeting today to give away $7 million borrowed tax dollars (borrowed from the future, that is). See ya there - 1pm at the Corrupthouse.

Anonymous said...

Romanelli really helped the Democrats with his Senate campaign. Kept dozens of them working, unpaid, at the Department of State for months to show that the nominating petitions the Republicans bought for him were full of Mickey Mouses.

Anonymous said...

Ah, maybe a few Dems down Harrisburg way were busy, but ya see, Luzerne County Dems are actually Neocons in moron clothing. If you went around to the homes of some of the more prominent Dems in Luzerne County, they all had signs for Rendell and Kanjorski in their yard, but I saw few of them pulling for Casey or Carney. They liked Santorum and Sherwood because those two had values just like the Luzerne County Dems.