Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Paul Swiderski for Congress

We have another Republican candidate in the Pennsylvania 10th Congressional District. At rate this is going we could have a primary with so many candidates that 25% of the vote could win the nomination.

That makes 4 declared candidates, the others are John Scott, Don Ely and Chris Hackett. A few others are thinking about a run including Dan Meuser, who made news this week by buying a new house that is actually in the district. He is moving from his $2 million digs in Jackson Twp that is just outside the district into a more modest $500,000 adobe in Harveys Lake.

Here is Paul Swiderski's email announcement via a few friends:

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to introduce myself as a GOP candidate for U.S.Representative for Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District and to request your support.

Among the candidates competing for the opportunity to take back the seat lost to Chris Carney last election, only I can relate to, in all respects, the people, values and issues impacting the people of the 10th Congressional District. I am a small business owner who has the same concerns as most of the people in the district. The need for affordable quality health insurance, lower gas prices and home heating costs, lower taxes, and accountability in government top the list of concerns. I truly care about the people and future of northeastern Pennsylvania(NEPA).

There is a lack of good paying professional jobs in the region,which is causing our young talent who were born in, grew up in, and went to school in NEPA to leave the area, and in most cases, the commonwealth of PA altogether. There is also a growing elderly population in NEPA, and if people are leaving because of a lack of professional jobs, there will be a lack of tax revenue needed to effectively sustain the economy and our parents and grandparents.

The Wilkes-Barre and other local Chambers of Business and Industry (AKA, Chamber of Commerce), together with area democrats, have stood in the way of economic growth. If this trend continues, our area's economy will continue to move on a downward spiral.

In short, I am running for Congress because I want a better, stronger, healthier United States of America and a better NEPA. I am respectfully requesting your consideration to endorse my candidacy and support this campaign. Feel free to contact me to inquire about my position on the issues and/or to arrange for a meeting.


Paul R. Swiderski, MBA

Candidate for U.S. Representative10th Congressional District (Pennsylvania)

He is also the first Republican candidate with a website:

The site has a campaign blog that throws the first punch in the race:

Dan Meuser doesn't represent the people of PA 10th District

Dan Meuser is a very wealthy man who is willing to spend over $1.2 million of his own money to run for U.S. Representative in Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District. The majority of the people living in the district do not have anywhere near that amount of money to use as discretionary funds. I don't think he can relate to the average voter when he brags about how much money he has to spend on a campaign out of pocket.

Dan Meuser does not live in the 10th District, but he did casually mention that would just buy another home in the district to run. I'm certain that the average voter in the 10th District can't just buy a second home at free will. Many of the voters whom I spoke to occasionally have problems keeping up with their mortgage and monthly bills. Meuser sounds like a man who doesn't know what it's like to be in a tight money situation when it comes to personal finance.

Dan Meuser contributes money to democrats like Hillary Clinton, Charlie Rangel, Paul Kanjorski and many more, but he's considering running on the republican ticket. Dan Meuser isn't interested in representing the people of the 10th District. He just wants to buy his way into office. Is this the man you want representing you in Congress?


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the deep end of the pool junior, be careful not to get in over your head.

Dan Meuser is a sucessful business person, we're republicans, we celebrate success stories, unlike our democratic counterparts.

Dan Meuser runs a large business that employs a lot of edeucated professional types, a lot of whom were educated in this area, and are able to stay local, and buy homes,and raise families.

Dan Meuser understands the impact of escalating medical insurance costs, and the impact that high taxes have on both business and families.

The business he runs supplies a full range of benefits to all employees, he is aware of the cost of these benefits.

Dan Meuser, to the best of my knowledge, has not bragged about how much money he has to spend on a campaign, and has certainly never said that he is buying this election.

What he has done however, is visit every county in the district, he has talked to, and listened to county leaders, citizens, and business leaders, he understands the issues, he will offer positive solutions to the issues facing every citizen in the 10th district.

Contributions? Please, been there, done that, got the T-shirt, it's old news, and has been addressed many times...oh and for what it's worth, he now resides in the 10th, it shows committment.

Lastly, I find it interesting that one of your first shots out of the box is directed at Meuser, clearly you know one thing,as does the rest of the field, and that is Dan Meuser is the clear front runner, even as an undeclared candidate.

Get in line junior,with the rest of the future losers, the end of the line that is.

Anonymous said...

hope muser is paying you a lot to blog for him.

your ridicule of every other candidates is a reflection on the person you represent - is this an indication of how muser will run his campaign? Negative attacks - this guy Paul lists issues HE feels have substance and you berate - you must be a big and important person.

And can you enlighten as to why muser is not jumping in the pool himself? He bought his house in the district which was his last excuse - what's next?

Anonymous said...

Moving into the disitrict does not show committment it shows opportunity. He should have just run from where his he is becuase he does not have to live in the disitirct anyway, and it makes it less of a story

Anonymous said...


Go back & read "this guy Paul's" essay, he attacks Meuser, well, if he, or anyone else for that matter, attcks Meuser, or prints un-truths, or inaccuracies about him, then they have to expect that someone will respond.

I can assure you that I will respond each & every time, as will others, isn't that how the game is played?

Does he, Paul, think that he can get a free shot? Not bloody likely.

I blog because I enjoy it, and I like & respect Dan Meuser, and believe that he is the best answer for the people of the 10th congressional district.

No, I'm not big & important, and I do this for free, but this isn't about me, or you anon, or any of your multiple anon siblings, it's about a very important election, one which will put a republican back in a seat we should never have lost.

As far as Meuser jumping into the pool, stay tuned.

Anonymous said...


The residency non-issue, is, imo, "damned if you do, damned if you don't", he chose to move, it's now a moot point.

I'm sure that all the "one-trick ponies" out there will be happy to move on to isssues of substance.

Anonymous said...

"Go back & read "this guy Paul's" essay, he attacks Meuser, well, if he, or anyone else for that matter, attcks Meuser, or prints un-truths, or inaccuracies about him, then they have to expect that someone will respond."

Why doesn't Dan respond, instead of a hatchet man/woman?

Unknown said...

Kar, I really don't care about the issue, but I think Mueser is making it a bigger deal by moving he was damned if he did not move, but i think he has damned himself more.
Also Paul seems great he actually has an opinion on every issue and it is well said,
Also he is a King's College grad so i think he is my new favotite

Anonymous said...

are you saying you don't get paid by muser or pride?

also, you didn't address if muser will run a negative campaign - no insight?

Anonymous said...


No I do not work for Meuser, I volunteer for Meuser, this isn't about me,or you...remember?

Actually, and I'm a bit embarrassed by this, I'm between jobs, and I was hoping that Hackett might get me one of them high payin' jobs at the court house, would you or one of your sibs put in a good word for me?

As far as what kind of campaign Meuser will run, I have no particular insight, but I can guess it will be a positive, issue oriented effort.

You, and your ilk,apparently find defending a position, or not letting someone else define you, to be negative, I can't speak for Meuser, but I, don't find that to be negative.

Until the others involved start talking about real issues, and stop harping on non-issues, I'll keep refuting, and de-bunking their claims.

Peace out.

Anonymous said...

One more time kar - do you get paid by mesure's campaign or pride?

A simple yes or no is all that is required.

Anonymous said...

\\\"this isn\\\'t about me,or you...remember?

Actually Kar this is about all U.S. citizens, residents of the 10th or not. If you think this is only about Dan, then he needs to get you off his campaign now. Having someone with such small minded focus can only harm his candidacy.

While a member of the house represents a certain district, his or her focus must be on the larger picture that their decisions pertain to the United States as whole.

The quoted comment is the silliest comment, among many, that you have made on this site.

Your childish, asinine snipping will do long term damage to Dan\\\'s campaign.

If you are going to continue to bash fellow republicans in the name of a candidate, then grow a backbone and drop the pseudonym. Sign your name.

Joe Leonardi

Anonymous said...

Well, the lion has awoken, you know Joe, I like you better this way.

Maybe if you showed some of that fire you would have done better when you ran for Congress.

Thanks for the civics lesson, actually I'm well aware that a member needs to represent all of the people.

I stand by my assertion that it isn't about me, or anonymous, or any of the other anonymouses out there,or even you Joe, it's about the candidates & their ideas.

I find it interesting that people feel free to take shots at Meuser,and then start to whine when when someone hits back, grow up, this is politics, and it's not for the faint of heart.

If you want to throw stones, expect to get hit back.

If Meuser feels that I damage his campaign by defending it, then I'll stop posting, until then I'll continue, thank you.

Oh and as far as my backbone goes, it's fine, I go to a chiropractor weekly...and it's not Dave Maderia.

Oh, and Anon, the answer to your question;


Right Winger said...

Wow, where to begin?
First of all, I hope all of you who feel so passionately about this election actually get out to vote.
Second, I've been watching all of this fighting and I've noticed a pattern. Meuser hasn't even announced yet but everyone keeps trashing him. Hackett/Madeira announced and it's all quiet about their income and wealth.
This new guy, Swinderski, puts up a web site and the first thing he does is trash Meuser. That's fine if you're going to pick apart all the other candidates with the same scrutiny. But I have to be honest, why haven't I heard about Swinderski in the papers? Has he actually filed? Where are the press releases? Where did he come from all of a sudden? Did he participate in any sports at the "University of Phoenix?" (that's a joke by the way) (get it? online university)
Hell, I think I'm going to start a web site and say I'm running for congress too.
And Joe, what happened to the message about all the infighting?? Nice conviction. Damn, does anyone stand for anything anymore?
Let's be honest, the same people keep posting on these blogs regarding the same issues with the same candidates. Obviously some of you are Hackett/Madeira people and some are Meuser people and some are even Carney people fueling the fire. I post because I have my own blog and I like to stir things up and I'm jealous that Gort gets so many posts.
So, Mr. Swinderski, come clean. Are you really serious about running? And what's YOUR relationship to Hacket/Madeira??

Anonymous said...


I had plenty of fire in my campaign, it was hampered by many things. But I make no excuses, I gave it a shot with little money but I was blessed to have the help of a few dedicated people. I am grateful for their efforts and I am proud of all who helped. And all who helped had the integrity to use their names.

I have not before nor am I now attacking a candidate I am not even attacking you, I am attacking your words, actions and methods.

P.S. If you are going to a chiropractor weekly your either your backbone is not in such good shape or you need a new chiro. LOL

Same thing to you right winger, I am not attacking a candidate, I am attacking the actions or words of those pushing a candidate. Especially when it is done without signing their name. I have real issues with anonymous slandering of others. Perhaps five years in the military instilled in me a level of integrity and pride in what I put out there. Or maybe I am just a jerk, whatever I stand by what I write or say and put my name to it.

I have said nothing negative about any of the candidates Dan, Chris or now Paul. This was/is an attempt to stop the sniping before it escalates into the mess it did last time. Perhaps unintentionally I added fuel instead.

I have a feeling though that it is a pointless effort. Even if the candidates don't go negative within the party there are enough others out here doing it for them and if it continues the nominee will be so battered and possible tarnished Carney will hold the seat. The voters don't want to see this.

Rightwinger I stand by my original post and my one directed at Kar.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,
Blogs suck because I can say anything I want and stay anonymous. If it's a matter of principles, well, not in this day and age sad to say.
I can say anything I want. I can say I'm presently a congressman. I can say I'm Chris Carney. There's no way of policing this. So........thanks to all you republicans arguing, I'm going to get elected again. WooHoo!!!! I'm going to Disney World!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to the prom this Spring with Paul Swiderski. He is so cute.

Let's face it, Mueser is going to wipe the floor with Hackett and Scott splitting the hard core conservative vote.

Anonymous said...

Joe, Scott,Right-winger, anon,& all ships at sea.

I'm a Meuser partisan, no apologies, I presume that most who post here are backing either a candidate, or an agenda.

One thing, and I mean this sincerly, that confuses me is the level of animosity that is directed at Dan Meuser.

I defy any of you to look back through these blogs and find an instance where I, or anyone who supports Meuser, have initiated an attack, or gone negative without provocation.

Yesterday, this Swiderski comes out of left field, and his first blog is a personal attack on Meuser, what's up with that?

Then when I defend Meuser against this unprovoked assault, every anon comes out of the wood work whining, and even the previously serene Joe Leonardi, again; what's up with that?

Dan has been the target of attacks from the time it became evident that he was interested in running for the seat in the 10th.

Contributions, residence, RINO, too wealthy,on, and on, ad naseum.

Not one reference to his vision, his accomplishments, the potential he possesses to be a great congressman.

Dan has presided over the growth of a company, a genuine success story, especuially given it took place in N.E. Pa.

Starting with fewer than 20 employees, and growing to over 1,200, a company that is a world leader, located in Exeter.

A company that provides good, well paying jobs, with benefits, allowing local college grads to stay here & raise families, and grow the local economy.

He has conservative values, both fiscal & moral,he is known & respected in Washington, he is a proven leader, a man who gets things done.

He has visted every county in the 10th district, talked to, and listened to, dairy farmers, business leaders, political leaders, he has worked hard, and successfully to build an impressive base of support.

Dan has worked hard for everything he has, and he will work equally hard for the residents of the 10th congressional district, he knows the value of hard work, and has seen first hand what hard work can accomplish.

So go ahead and continue to take shots at him, it only reinforces the idea that he is the clear front runner, but don't start whining when the return volley arrives.

Peace out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kar,

So why not keep the posts like that. You hi-lighted all of Dan's qualities and strengths. By emphasizing what he can do. And in a well written, positive approach you have shot down most of the attacks against him. You have given not only reasons you support him, but reasons for other people to vote FOR him.

I haven't taken a single shot at Dan, Chris or any other candidate. I applaud all of them for taking up the fight and trying to help our party regain control of the house.

I was critical about the way you have been representing him, by sniping at fellow republican candidates. My earlier post gave the same opinion concerning others that were attacking Dan.

My largest problem with your postings are that you have appeared to take on the self appointed role of his spokesperson without providing name nor credentials.

While I don't live in the 10th, I own a business in the 10th, the bulk of my patient base resides in the 10th, most of my cousins live in the 10th, all of my in-laws live in the 10th and what "woke me up", was many of my more politically active patients read this blog and were being turned off by this garbage. They, the voters, the ones that (contrary to you opinion) actually count, were so discouraged by this early snipping --- were so disgusted that they felt the urge not to go to the polls. (((Many of these were Kingston residents who had been Jim Haggerty supporters but they did not vote in the primary because of his negative attacks on Lisa Baker. ))

So while I think it is great you want to defend your candidate. There is a way to do it to garnish support and there is a way to do it to create more animosity.

Animosity creates apathy and apathy creates a 2nd term for Chris Carney.

Kar keep up the positive posts, if you want to help Dan, I would be willing to bet money you will sway more people telling them why to vote FOR him, instead of not why NOT to vote for the other candidates.

I'm sure one of the reasons Dan has been successful is that he grew the positive aspects of his business and didn't get caught up in negativity.



Anonymous said...


I say this with all due respect, so please don't mis-understand me.

I have not appointed myself anything, I am defending a person for whom I have a great deal of respect,from unwarranted attacks.

I will continue to do so, until told otherwise by him, or his campaign.

If you or others find me too strident, too bad.

Re-read my initial response to this Swiderski person, I mention all of the positive things Meuser has done, and how he has done his homework in the district, of course I took a shot at Swiderski, he deserved it.

When this Scott fellow announced, I stayed off that post because he didn't launch into an attack on Meuser, if he had, I would have jumped in.

Meuser has a good story to tell, and in virtually all of my posts, here and elsewhere, I relate that story as well as answering attacks.

I don't believe I claimed you took a shot at Dan, I was suggesting that you went after me for responding to an unprovoked attack on Dan.

This process can be as clean or dirty as people want to make it, I, for one, will never start or pick a fight with anyone.

I will however continue to vigorously, and aggressively defend Meuser from any and all attacks.

And it isn't about me, you, or any of the many anonymous posters, it is about the residents of the 10th congressional district,myself included, and who is best able to serve our needs.

I believe that person to be Dan Meuser.

Peace out.

Anonymous said...


I respect your defense of Dan, but if you really believe slinging mud back is the way to do it, there is nothing I can do to change your mind. My concern is, what it has been, my entire political life, to get conservatives in office and to help our country. I did that my serving, my contributing, volunteering on campaign and running for office. My concern about what you and others have been doing is the damage it will inflict on the candidate in November. I wrote this before, but it is worth repeating. The work release program that spawned the Willie Horton ad campaign did not originate with the V.P. Bush, it came from Al Gore in the primary. If we continue to harp on our own party's candidate's negatives it will give the Carney Campaign potential damaging ammo in the general. I think you and I can both agree, the more important battle will be in the fall. If the 10th goes democratic again, a trickle effect could go throughout and the possibility of loosing other offices and potential new voter registration can hinge on this race. There was a time when Luzerne County was a Republican county. It took a swing in a county commissioner race to turn it dem.

I invite you to contact me via email at :
we can discuss things further if you would like.

I never take offense to anyone expressing an opinion and whether we agree or not on any particular point, I think we would both like to see the 10th go back to the republican nominee. Hell I would like to see the 11th go republican, but I dreamed once.

Joe Leonardi

Anonymous said...

I agree the negative attacks need to stop. Right on Joe!!!

I don't like the harsh wording the Swiderski used at the end of his blog but do question Meuser's intentions and I'm glad to see a candidate bring it up.

Swiderskis still my fav candidate! Maybe a little edgy but at least talks about the issues

Right Winger said...

Um......Can I interject?
I don't know about this whole Swiderski thing. Something's not right in my opinion. I will back up my statements or admit I was wrong in after I figure this out.
Why hasn't Swiderski alerted the media of his intentions and why can his name only be found on his site and on Gort's site?
Just curious.

Anonymous said...


It seems you are about as disingenuous as they come. You claim to not attack first, but I did as you said and looked back at your posts. You did indeed tout your choice from the beginning, at the same time launching personal attacks (not issue attacks) on opponents.

Name calling, haughtiness and scurilious accusations (mudslinging) have been your MO (modus operandi) from the start. You attempt to couch it in humor, but I believe Joe is right, all you do is hurt your potential candidates cause.

Bring it down a few notches and lets talk about issues. Maybe you can inform us a bit.

Where does he stand on immigration?

How much of Prides business comes from medicare/medicaid?

How does you potential candidate feel about the government getting involved in health care?

Give us something other than what we already know and snide remarks about the announced candidates...

Anonymous said...

OMG, Meuser has to be the most famous unannounced candidate ever!!! Nobody can stop talking about him.
Scott, I don't know if you're referring to KARs posts here or on Grassroots. I admit we've both done some attacking there but that's because RINO watcher is always the first to brand a person based on their name.
I'm not really seeing anything else.
But, can't we just stop this? We can go around in circles forever about who said what and how they said it.
You'd swear every one of us are the candidates the way we've been attacking and defending each other. Seriously, let's all cut the crap.

Anonymous said...


Salutations (greetings), and welcome back.

I glad (pleased) that you took the time to go back over my past posts.

I'm sorry(showing pity) that you lack a sense of humor (funny bone), but perhaps one day you'll stop taking yourself so seriously (anal).

On to the questions;

How the heck would I know how much of Pride's business comes from Medicare/medicaid?

Are you suggesting that handicapped Americans aren't entitled to Mobility Equipment if they have to use medicare/medicaid?

As far as the rest of your questions, I suggest you visit, there is a nice interview with Meuser, dated 8/12, it answers your questions, and more.

Peace Out

Anonymous said...


I think Scott does bring up a legitimate point when he asks how much of Pride's business comes from Medicare/Medicaid.

Like it or not, it is an indictment of the ability for the area to be seen as a viable economic center. Small businesses have a hard enough time surviving with all of the regulations set up by nameless faces in DC. We have two of the candidates are successful businessmen with assets far beyond the average taxpayer. Instead of going ad nauseum into details, all we have seen thus far is that both of them are quite capable at "sucking at the government's teat". There is no need to beat a point to death. The question is how is the candidate going to work to bring real jobs that to people in the 10th whose lives don't have a political or family connection to a Skrepanek, Kanjorski, Rendell, or a Clinton?

There is no reason for the party to fall in line and support the front runner blindly. We did that in 2000 and look how well that has gone for us?

All is not lost, if Dan Meuser decides to run *wink wink* and wins, I look forward to the comedy genius ads the DNC will put forth about exploding wheelchairs.

Maybe the 10th should actually vote for someone who looks to change the perception of the area versus reinforce it.

Just my two cents.

Let the flame wars commence in 5,4,3..

Anonymous said...

1. How much does this job at Pride pay
2. Is this related to campaign activities?
3. This would be unethical if it is. Can't use corporate funds to finance a campaign
4. Why would Pride be worried about hiring someone to get donations?

Public Relations Assistant
The primary purpose of our Public Relations Assistant is to assist with day-to-day marketing and PR activities, all proactive and reactive media relations activity and planning for the company, and sponsorships and donation requests, company events, and media tracking.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
· Writing of all press releases, interview responses, award entries, and editorial product placements
· Research and pitch story idea’s that will enhance the company’s image and highlight products
· Develop and maintain a database of healthcare reporters and key contacts at major publications
· Build a referral group of physicians, therapists, and local advocates, who can speak to the efficacy of mobility products
· Tracking all media request and product placements

The requirements for this position are as follows:
· Bachelors in communications, journalism, or marketing
· 2 to 5 years public relations or journalism experience
· Strong business writing, communications, interpersonal, and organizational skills essential
· Ability to interact easily with all levels of organization
· Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills required
· Excellent proof reading and grammar skills

Competitive compensation package offered along with healthcare benefits, life insurance, 401K with an employer match, tuition reimbursement, and so much more.

We look forward to receiving your resume at!

Anonymous said...


No flame wars, just a free exchange of ideas.

I do have a question for you though.

How does a business that has grown from about 20 employess to over 1,000 employess, many of whom are highly skilled, highly educated, all of whom are earning competitive wages,and all of whom are receiving full benefits, reinforce a perception, and I take it you mean negative, of the area?

The perception, actually a reality, that highly educated individuals can get well paying jobs without leaving the area is a perception I think most would embrace.

A local company that employs skilled individuals, many of whom were born, raised & educated in this area, and are now buying homes, goods and services, raising families, and contributing to the overall well being of the area, is something to be celebrated, not frowned upon.

No one is suggesting that anyone follow anyone blindly, but let's be careful to not blindly criticize, simply because someone is successful, republicans embrace success, at least I thought we did.

Republicans try to create an environment where individuals, and businesses can thrive, and all have an opportunity to succeed.

I can't speak for others in this race, but I know that is what Dan Meuser believes, and that is the type of environment he will fight to provide.


Anonymous said...


Your reading & comprehension skills leave a little to be desired, you probably shouldn't apply for the position.

An objective reading of the job description indicates to me that they need someone to handle incoming requests for doanations.

I have no idea of your work history,if any, but most big companies get requests from charitable organizations for money.

Good work Woodward, keep snooping around though, keep us posted.

Peace out.

Anonymous said...


You are right. The medicaid/medicare issue goes so much further, and it has nothing to do with the handicapped, it has to do with what conservatives feel is the responsibility of the government (the Constitution says nothing about health care).

Whether a sizeable amount of business comes from Medicaid/Medicare also goes to the sizeable contributions made to liberal democrat Charlie Rangel, Kanjorski, Ed Rendell and others, and why they were made.

Kar, you could always walk to the office next door to yours and ask Dan himself how much business comes from the government...

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul, in his practice, hasn't taken (if ever) payment from medicare or medicaide. He worked out payments or provided care for free if people can't afford it.

He doesn't believe it is government's place to provide health insurance so he won't take money from the system.

Anonymous said...

God bless Ron paul, he was born in pittsburgh, maybe he can drop he run for president leaf his seat safe for another good conservative and run for PA 10

Anonymous said...


You said:
“How does a business that has grown from about 20 employess to over 1,000 employess, many of whom are highly skilled, highly educated, all of whom are earning competitive wages,and all of whom are receiving full benefits, reinforce a perception, and I take it you mean negative, of the area? “

Basing the good or bad of a business based on profitability alone does not make a perception positive. 21,000 people worked for Enron before it went bankrupt. Are you saying that as long as job creation occurs, you can look the other way?

I probably needed to be clearer regarding the gist of my argument. We have all seen that Dan Meuser has donated to Clinton, Rangel, and Kanjorski. We have only two legitimate reasons why this occurred:
1. He actually agrees with the positions of those politicians.
2. He was acting in the best interest of himself, his business, and his employees.

I do not need to make a detailed response to point #1. If he is really a Democrat, he should be running as one instead of pulling everyone’s leg. If someone feels he is trying to pull a Ralph Nader, feel free to jump in because I have not found a post supporting this claim beyond a blurb on the site detailing his contributions.

Point # 2 is at the core of my perception reasoning. The Meuser “campaign” can talk until their faces turn blue. With the lack of economic opportunity, most seniors and disabled are forced to depend on government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid to receive treatment and the durable medical equipment Mr. Meuser’s staff provides. The donations in question, like it or not, are a form of quid pro quo. Anyone with an ounce of cynicism is going to believe the donations were made to obtain government contracts or to ensure regulations were not passed that would harm his business. If such questions were answered effectively, these issues will not matter in 2008.

You also said:
“No one is suggesting that anyone follow anyone blindly, but let's be careful to not blindly criticize, simply because someone is successful, republicans embrace success, at least I thought we did.

Republicans try to create an environment where individuals, and businesses can thrive, and all have an opportunity to succeed.”

No one is trying to degrade the success of Dan Meuser the businessman. Success is fine, Dan has done nothing illegal. The questions lie in why should the district believe he is going to create this environment when he participates in the game that destroys the opportunity for smaller business to compete. Businesses without some form of government contract in this area have the odds stacked against them. If he believes in creating a better system, why did he play both sides of the fence? If Dan Meuser believes in this system where business has the same opportunity to succeed, shouldn’t he base his campaign contributions on his beliefs alone?

In the meantime, I do appreciate that we can discuss these issues in a civil fashion on this forum. All of the declared and undeclared candidates thus far are focused on making Chris Carney a one term member of Congress. We can debate about particulars, but whomever makes it through this round will be battle-ready to handle the national attention the race is sure to receive.

Anonymous said...


On a civil note, no one is suggesting that profitablity is the sole basis for admiring a business, and Pride is NOT Enron, nice try though.

Profitablility, and business expansion are important factors, they allow for the hiring of more employees,more employees who have money to spend buying homes, cars, groceries, raising kids, paying taxes, you know all the things that enable a country to run.

I doubt that any apologies for running a successful business will be forthcoming.

Additionally, and you might not know this, but large companies buy goods and services from smaller companies, enabling a lot of small businesses to not only survive, but thrive.

I would imagine that the little town of Exeter is delighted to have Pride located within its borders, as are a lot of businesses in Exeter, and surronding towns.

No one has ever denied that Meuser has worked for the best interests of his company & its employees, again, no aplologies coming.

He has also worked for the best interests of handicapped Americans who need Mobility Products,manufactured by Pride and other companies the the United States.

Unless we want to go back to the perception, and I know you're big on perceptions, that Republicans are compassionless, I personally don't think we need to go down that road again.

Scott is quick to point out that the Constitution says nothing about healthcare, so I guess he is saying that absent a specific reference to it, we should start denying handicapped Americans the equipment thay need to resume productive lives, then what?

Debtor's prisons, asylums, wooden crutches, little wagons to transport the disabled and infirm, a scene straight out of Dickens..."God bless us everyone"

To recap, some republicans are criticizing Dan Meuser for building & running a succesful business, for offering steady empoyment with benefits to young, locally educated men & women, for working for the best interests of those men & women, and their futures, for working to ensure that handicapped Americans have access to the mobility products that they require to continue to be contributing members of society.

This successs story, some would have us believe, contributes to a negative perception of the area.

So I guess the ideal candidiate would be someone who has run a business into the ground, laid off countless empolyess, and declared bankruptcy.

Beam me up Scotty.


Anonymous said...

Does Pride give away any of its products to those who don\'t have insurance and can\'t afford to purchase
That would be really helping handicapped Americans, not just profiting off of their misfortune and suffering

Anonymous said...


From the leap you just took, it sounds like you need to be beamed up to the mother ship!

"...we should start denying handicapped Americans the equipment thay need to resume productive lives..."

Puhleezze, no one (except you) said any such thing. Thats the kind of Democrat leap that gives them a bad name. No one said anything about denying , just that it's not the governments responsibility to get into PAYING for it!

Debtors prisons and asylums are a perfect example of what happens when the government gets involved in something that is not it's responsibility (Englands Poor Law of 1601).

So, back to the original question, how much business comes from Medicaid/Medicare?

Also, were the contributions to Rangell, Rendell and other liberal democrats made to make sure those contracts keep coming?

Those, my friend, are the criticism's, not any of the things you mention.

May your particles not be scattered as you are beamed to the mothership...

Anonymous said...


So I guess you're in favor of having medicare not pay for mobility products of any kind.

If someone has a catastrophic illness or injury and is on medicare, and requires some sort of mobility product, a product that possibly could return them to a position to be a productive member of society, you would say "sorry, not my job".

Just want to be clear about your position.

As I stated earlier, I have no idea about Pride's revenue stream, but I did do a little independent research ( you should try it sometime) about the mobility products industry in general.

It seems that most manufacturers do not sell product directly to end-users.

Most manufacturers sell to an independent dealer network, who in turn sell the product to the end-user.

The dealer pays the manufacturer with a dealer check,where the dealer money comes from, who knows?

Could be Medicare, could be medicaid, private insurance, or directly from the end-user.

So if this is the case with Pride, then they recieve no money directly from the government.

I was unable to find any instance where the government has direct contracts with manufacturers regarding Medicare payments.

The only ivnstance I was able to locate was the VA, and the VA has mobility contracts with virtually every leading don't oppose those, do you?

Interesting you mention 1601, I figured you were in favor of rolling things back to the "good-old days", didn't imagine it was the 17th century.

So we've gone from criticizing Meuser for being a wealthy, successful business person, to not being conservative enough, and know the attack is on his business.

God forbid, his company apparently turns a profit, and provides a badly needed boost to the local economy, how dare he.

Stay real Scott, your a true joy.

Peace out.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Scott, are you a flaming liberal or something? And if you are, that would explain a lot. Because only liberals pick on a person for being successful but look the other way when it involves other people. Is Hackett poor? Is Carney poor??
What does ANY of this have to do with how well a congress man someone will be??
Carney was a college professor. How much of his money came from government grants and student loans that would never be paid back? How many people has Carney employed?
Most of these posts are just getting annoying now because they have no bearing on the candidate.
Hacket made money from the county. Is that not government money. Or do you think money out of my pocket to the county is different than federal money??
Who knows how many temp positions are collecting from government coffers. That money goes to Hackett.
And anon asking if Pride give products away, you must be another liberal. How about grocery stores giving free food? Hospitals giving free healthcare? Where do you work anon? If your company gave away free services or product how long would they stay in business? When you're signing up for unemployment you can reconsider what a nobel thing it all was. Ahem, while you're signing up to receive government money you're so against.

Anonymous said...

hospital give away services all the time you, so do many doctors. there are fee clinics for the indigent. mahy staffed by doctors and nurses......... if you don't know that then you are just .. well no name calling

Anonymous said...

p.s. unemployment is not gov't money it is paid into a fund my employers fo maybe you are....... no no name calling

Anonymous said...

Kar and Annoyed, did you even read what I posted, or do you just take off in the direction you want to go?

Your powers of free association are amazing! I never once denigerated anyones success or their business. It's the successful people who pay most of the taxes in this great country of ours.

I also think that we have one of the best health care systems in the world, I'm just afraid the government is going to step in and mess it up with HillaryCare.

As far as what it has to do with how good a congessman someone will be, I want someone who will stand on principle. Supporting liberals like Rendell and Rangle doesn't sit well with me, or ANY of the conservatives I have spoken to.

I'm as real (and Right) as they come.

Anonymous said...

your detailed reply regarding pride's revenue stream is illustrative. Begs the questions - why did they set up a PAC in 2003 to funnel money to poli's in DC (mostly good republicans like Specter $20K+) but a few select Dems (Hilary, Rangel, Kanjo) if they don't get DIRECT benefit from the current reimbursement system - o - that's right, he just wants to help the disabled - sorry - i withdraw the question.

Anonymous said...


Like it or not, this country is run mostly by 2 parties, very little gets done without some level of iter-action, or cooperation.

Some of the changes in Medicare reimbursement,and eligibilty were deemed by the industry, and by disability advocates to be unfair in the extreme.

Meuser, and many, many others in the mobility industry worked hard to point out some of the potential issues to members of both parties.

The needs of the disabled in this country, and the needs of mobility product manufacturers are not mutually exclusive.

Meuser has worked hard to see that disabled Americans get the mobility products they need to resume productive lives, regardless of your cynicism, that is not a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

glad to see meuser at least admits using the contributions to dems and republicans to further his business interest and that of his industry - part of the political game for sure - but not the way those of us who seek GOOD government want to see things done. simply put - running for office to further your business or industry interests is not a reason I would vote for someone.

what i find troubling is the expectation of yor employer that the federal government IS responsible for providing this product - where do the obligations of the tax payer start and end - it could be easliy argued (and someday might be by the left) that we all need cars for "mobility" and to live a "full and active life" - would you suggest we pay for those from the government coffers as well - helping the disabled is laudable - but I (yes, just speaking for myself - not others) don't like the continued expansion of government - it is the problem - not the solution. Before the massive expansion of the federal government began - charitable organizations filled the void of helping those who needed help and those that could take care of themselves did. now with everyone sticking their hand out to get "something for nothing" we slip down the slope of "someone else will pay my way" - clearly not the american way or what has helped to make this country great. question: did pride suggest an income test for people who get their product free from the government or did they simply resist the use of the competitive bidding process? do YOU think a means test would be reasonable?

i look forward to your pithy reply accusing me a denying the support of the disabled - but that is the exact reply i would expect from the left as well. mean, old republicans who want to screw everyone and deny them their "rights".

a thought - have your boss run as a dem - he could take the fight to the 10th or 11th - he now owns houses in both.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:10,
Who said Meuser (who still didn't say he's running) is doing it to further his business inerests? One man, if elected is going to go to congress and have more power than he did as part of a political action committee??? You have a lot to learn about government. Sorry.
I still don't get what any of this has to do with his, or anyone elses qualifications as a candidate.
You guys hammering Meuser are obviously from the Hackett/Madeira ticket because I've never seen a candidate get jumped all over before even announcing. I've been following elections for a long time and this is just laughable.

Right Winger said...

Hey everyone, please read this.
I don't know how many people posting here are Republicans or Dems but this is going out to the Republicans.
What the hell is happening to our party? Why all the fighting. Since when does a Republican rip someone apart for being successful or having money. I've been to a few Republican events and it was great to talk to people and share thoughts and we all had the same vision. Regardless of who our candidate was we still talked about how OUR party had the right ideas and how WE were the ones looking out for the peoples best interest.
KAR, you are obviously very passionate about your candidate. It's nice to see people fired up. Scott and all the anons out there, are you guys just doing this to get KAR fired up? That's fine if you are Dems trying to pick Meuser apart but if you are Republicans, I have to echo what Joe said earlier. We shouldn't be doing this and handing Dems firepower for the future. If anyone really cares about the future of this party, please cut the crap trashing other candidates. I've been guilty in the past too but moving forward I think we should all be on the same page and we should all be fighting for the same thing. Let's get the 10th back. Carney is the first Dem there since 1961. Do you really think he's representing their values by voting along with Pelosi most of the time??
Let's trash talk Carney. Not our own candidates. Doesn't that sound like a little better of a plan?
Thanks for your time. Remember to tip your servers.

Anonymous said...

Right winger,

That is the problem with the party. Everyone for the last 7 years has been to willing to give people a free pass as long as an R was besides his/her name. The party has done too much to give the keys who do not represent the interests of the party. How long should we give people the pass who obviously do not believe in the principles of reduced government, reduced taxation, and the equal opportunity to succeed? If the party actually performed some sort of quality control instead of taking those with the "R" to task for ignoring our beliefs. If such action were taken, we would not be at this crossroad.

We should be looking at the aspects of every candidate. Like it or not, this will be a race with a national following. We need to bring in a candidate who has the stomach to handle the bloodsport about to follow. We need a candidate with a staff of people who have the intelligence to handle the firepower the Democrats are willing to use. We need a candidate who can change the hearts and minds of people of those who no longer believe the Republican party represents giving everyday Americans the opportunity to succeed if they are willing to work hard and smart. Can we succeed as a party if we continue to foster candidates who represent pay to play politics? 2006 was our wake up call.

The Democrats are obviously the party that represents the interests of Animal Farm (2 legs bad 4 legs good). Unfortunately, the Republicans have become more interested in representing crony capitalism. Those of us posting on the blog have an interest in making sure we do not present a candidate that is unqualified and/or represents what is wrong with the Republican party. We have spent too much time in the district forcing our best and brightest away due to a lack of real opportunity. For the party to survive, it must adapt.

Some of us posting believe Dan Meuser is unqualified for the position because his campaign contributions represent what is wrong with the party. He hasn't announced, but it is obvious he is interested. Could it be because of the favorable laws for him donating from his personal bankroll if he waits? It's obvious he wants to run. If he wants to run, run. Let's see if he is actually willing to run on the merits of his platform or spend his way to victory. If not, he should announce his lack of interest and end the charade for everyone.

Trust me, if we had the forum space, I can go along and hit point by point on his townhall profile and detail why his interview is simply the same talking points that got the party in trouble in the first place.

A vote for Dan Meuser is a vote for a 30 year Democratic majority. He will be torn apart in the general election.

From the townhall profile Kar mentioned, in Dan Meuser's own words:
"Several years ago, we began purchasing certain parts in the global market."

From court filings listed on
"Pride Mobility was aware of at least 18 other fires in its wheelchairs and scooters with identical battery packs since 2002. Ten of those fires destroyed dwellings and five were fatal"

Were the batteries the parts that Dan Meuser mentioned as buying on the "global market"? Were these cheap batteries part of the reason why Dan Meuser was able to remain competitive and expand his business?

If you really think Dan Meuser is right for the area, I have a warehouse of defective Mattel toys with lead paint I need to get rid of *wink*.

Anonymous said...

Wow, where to start?

Helping handicapped Americans pick up the pieces of their lives & resume being a contributing member of society...bad.

Actually workiking within the system to get meaningful changes to legislation that would impact not only the lives & livelyhoods of thousands of working indivduals,but hundreds of thousands of handicapped Americans as well...bad.

Globalization, and the need for expanding markets for American goods and services...very,very, bad.

Wow, what's next on the agenda?

Kelly, check the papers, I thought I read where Mattel had actually apologized to the Chinese government, and while you're at it check on where a lot of the items in your household are from, and in your driveway, and the clothes you wear.

We eat, sleep, & drink globalization, every day, I thought republicans stood for free trade.

All right, I'm done, time to mow the grass,and then have a cold bottle of beer from Holland.

Under your isolationist policies would I still be able to get imported beer?


Anonymous said...


I don't think handicapped people want to become inadvertent wheelchair-bombers. People died because Dan Meuser was not responsible enough to find a supplier that could provide a quality product he could oversee.

Dan Meuser took the easy way out and it cost people their lives. Finding the lowest cost supplier is only a temporary fix. Anyone with an intermediate understanding of economics is that if you degrade the manufacturing base beyond a certain point, the currency devalues. Look at the value of the dollar versus the Yen and Euro over the last 2 years. All you need to see is that this country becoming a "service economy" alone isn't what it is all cracked up to be. Maybe Dan's worldview of the economy should extend beyond Interstate 80 and the supply side talking points. Maybe you should check to see that this short-sided mentality has caused highest income inequality in the country since 1928. Dan Meusuer has added to this problem by eliminating the jobs that used to produce these products. If you starve the masses, the Democrats are more than happy to install their New New Deal policies to destroy any competitiveness our country has left.

Companies with actual leadership and foresight don't look for the cheapest supplier at the first sign of weakness. Companies like Motorola and Intel have given loans or have taken equity stakes in their top level suppliers before moving their supply chains overseas . Why hasn't Dan Meuser shown this type of leadership? Maybe Dan should contact Dell Computers and see how well their offshoring customer service has done for them? You can only improve the economy by giving the labor force the opportunity through innovation to become more productive than those overseas.

If your type of thinking goes into Congress, you'll need a wheelbarrow of dollars to afford your imported Heineken or Amstel Light...or are you too well off to notice the higher costs?

Anonymous said...


As usual, you have it backwards.

Helping handicapped Americans...good.

Successful businessman...good.

Making money and creating jobs...very good.

Contributing LOTS of money to known liberal, abortion supporting democrats like Charlie Rangel, who votes with the Democratic party 98.2% of the time for ANY reason...VERY, VERY BAD!

Here's hoping he'll do the right thing and stay out, before he ever gets in.