Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Harry Kalas is "outta here"

When I heard that Harry Kalas died today I felt like I lost somebody I knew. I've been listening to him call Phillies games since I was a kid and spent many enjoyable summer evenings in the yard with the radio tuned to Harry and the rest of the broadcast crew.

He is most famous for his home run call "it's got a chance, outta here." But my favorite line of his was "right down the middle for a ball."

In a way he was lucky because not many people leave this world while doing the thing that they love. I'm glad that he got to see his team win the World Series, let's hope we don't have to wait another 28 years for another one.


Coal Region Voice said...


Got to meet him and had a quick conversation with him in the 90's. More than anything else, he probably understood the common fan in baseball more than anyone. I have my own tribute to Harry.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and baseball lost a treasure.

Anonymous said...

Your article was nice, but the heading was tasteless and lacked respect.

Gort said...

Nice tribute CRV.

Anon, A friend came up to me yesterday and said with a sad and disbelieving voice "did you hear that Harry Kalas is outta here." Just goes to show that the written word comes across a lot different than the spoken word because you can't use tone or inflection. I meant no disrespect to Harry, listening to the Phillies games will never be the same.

Coal Region Voice said...

Thanks Gort,

I'm still hurting.


Dana said...

Gort, I disagree with anonymous, and used "Outta here!" myself. That's probably the way Harry Kalas would have wanted it.