Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Amesbury hits a double

Wilkes-Barre Magistrate Bill Amesbury was the top vote getter on the Democratic ballot for Luzerne County Judge and came in 2nd on the GOP side virtually assuring he will be hanging out on the 3rd floor of the Courthouse next January. To the surprise of many (not me)Tina Gartley grabbed the other Democratic nomination. To the surprise of no one Dick Hughes was the top vote getter on the Republican side.

The race was remarkably free of rancor and most of the candidates stayed positive. The only exception was Dan Zola's robocalls and sensational direct mail pieces.

Complete Luzerne County returns are on the county website. Once again Leonard and his staff have done a great job.

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forrest gump said...

I voted for Gartley and Pendolphi (my wife's cousin). I will vote for Gartley in the Fall also. Amesbury could conceivably be shut out in the Fall if Hughes can get any Dem support. We need to have more women in the judiciary and I will push for that whole heartedly.