Saturday, May 23, 2009

Now he thinks he is Boss Tweed

I have to like John Cordora because he is a Blogger's dream. Cordora is like our own local version of Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann.
If you want someone to say something that is bat shit crazy he is your guy.

In 2006 he won the Republican nomination for State Rep in the 120th District. He ran a stealth campaign and came out ahead of 2 very attractive candidates. In the general election against Phyllis Mundy he got blown out and then blamed his loss on Lynette Villano and the Luzerne County GOP. His top issue was gay marriage.

In a news release, Cordora also attacked Mundy for supporting "abortion on demand, higher taxes, gay marriage and all the other liberal garbage."

In the recent primary election he was a Republican candidate for Mayor of Kingston saying he had a secret plan to prevent crime. It had something to do with putting a large spotlight on top of the new fire station on Wyoming Ave. that projects the image of a winged mammal that calls a Caped Crusader into action. He claimed to have visited thousands of homes in Kingston and found agreement that Jim Haggerty was a lousy Mayor. On election day he got a whopping 254 votes.

Now he is backing the Democrats.

TL: “I’m going to make sure I deliver at least 500 votes to (mayoral candidate Stephen) Radzinski and (council candidates) Barry Adams and Curt Piazza,” said Cordora.

Let's do the math. He gets 254 votes in a town that is still leading in Republican registration and then promises 500 votes for the Dems after he gets clobbered in the primary.

Everytime I hear someone say our problems in Luzerne County are a result of voting in Democrats all the time I think of him. I agree that one party dominance is not healthy but our local R's have to recruit some serious candidates

More John Cordora fun is in my archives.


Robyn said...

That's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

The man is a NUT!!

David Yonki said...

Just a note about Johnny C. The guy might be misdirected, but he's involved. John may not make sense to many but his actions exhibit an outrage over the status quo. The guy is sincere in his efforts to affect change but he needs to be more subtle.

Anonymous said...


What's Cordora's outrage over the "status quo" in Kingston? It's the best run town in the county, period. Does he not like the financial soundness, the paramedics, the new library, the cooperation with neighboring communities, the best police in the valley, or the professional management?
Cordora just wants to get elected to SOMETHING, he's not in it to "affect change." To throw out a guy like Haggerty for Cordora would be "bat shit crazy" (thanks, Gort). Kingston residents know what the deal is, that's why Cordora got 20% in his party primary. From a proud Kingston resident!